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Workshops in London

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. I'm just organising our annual London residential visit and I'm looking for acting/musical theatre workshops. We already do a workshop with Central School of Speech and Drama about post-18 choices and some acting techniques and I'm looking for something else, perhaps a bit different. Any suggestions gratefully received! :)
  2. If you're in London it might be worth banging out a few emails to some of the other stage schools, e.g. Mountview, Arts Ed, London Studios, Millenium, Laine etc.. I'm sure they'd be able to run a multitude of workshops, depending on the kids and what you wanted.
  3. depending on which days you're staying over, and how many kids you have, you could look at the theatre royal masterclasses
  4. Thanks for the tips guys.

    We're going in November for 3 and a half days.
  5. which days of the week? what age?
  6. We'll be there all of Wed, Thurs and Fri and it's Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies.
  7. netmum

    netmum New commenter

    my husband teaches at Bird I'll ask him if they ever do anything like that. problem is things are winding down not to end of term and showcases.
    Some of the theatres do workshops linked to the shoes. Glancing through the brochure I have from Advance Education there is
    39 Steps : Comedy & physical theatre workshop
    Mamma Mia - Drama skills
    Billy Elliott - create a scene based around the themes
    Woman in Black - storytelling & techniques used in the play
    We Will Rock You - Creating a juke box musical and devising your own storyline from lyrics
    Also masterclasses on acting, dance, drama, musical theatre, Shakespeare & physical theatre

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