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Workshops in empathy... a good idea?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by shoutingwhisper84, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am a primary teacher and have worked for 5 years, but spent the last 2 years teaching in a PRU. I'm fed up with the politics of teaching but really enjoy working with vulnerable children and would like to come up with a way to enhance their education and wellbeing.

    I'm wondering about coming up with workshops (perhaps 1 day or 1/2 day) to use art therapy and role play techniques to teach about empathy. I think this could be a really useful tool for children of all types and ages, and have a lot of hands on ideas.

    Do you think this is something people would want to use? Would Heads agree to pay for this type of workshop?

    Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated
  2. Elsasupport

    Elsasupport New commenter

    I am not too sure whether heads would pay for this. It should be really part of every day school shouldn't it? I run a website based at emotional literacy and with the newish role out of the ELSA many areas have people on board who do this sort of thing daily. You could plan something and try it out to see if it would be a worthwhile venture. I would say YES YES YES especially with your experience but you won't really know unless you try.

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