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Worksheet for Zoo visit

Discussion in 'Science' started by TeacherBiology, May 21, 2011.

  1. TeacherBiology

    TeacherBiology New commenter

    Help is needed, I am due to produce a series of worksheets for KS3 students (Year 7) to complete during a visit to Birdworld. I have called them and looked on the website but their resources are dire!
    I have one activity of beak adaptations, but am looking for bird habitat, crocodile, penguins or fish adaptations.
    Can anyone help out (Before you say I have not organised this trip) I have just been instructed to produce the worksheets.
    Many thanks
  2. How about: Getting the pupils to make their own worksheet - give them a framework & tell them that you will choose the best questions for next year's worksheet (or sell it to Birdworld!). They must put the answers in with their questions. If you make up a worksheet from 'the best' questions - you now have a poster for display, some delaighted pupils with THEIR questions on display (and the opportunity to give prizes!).
    You could give suggestions like getting them to have a question on habitat, one on adaptation, one on colouring / camouflage etc etc.
    Plus a question on how the birds cages have been built, & what is inside them; a question on which birds get to share the same cages (can the pupils determine why specific birds are or are not grouped together)
    A question on the map that is given out.
    Plus you could get them to suggest 3 things they would do better (if they were the manager of birdworld) & 3 things that they think are well done.
    Bit of a brain dump here I'm afraid .....

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