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workplace bullying

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by pippapip11, May 9, 2011.

  1. Please give advice on dismissal during probationary period with no solid grounds.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Speak urgently to your union for advice. And to the LA consultant for NQTs.
  3. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Please give some more details (though not enough to identify you) in order that some advice can be given. What you have said so far means nobody can help you here.
    And the advice is likely to be "speak to your union" in any case.
  4. I am in touch with my union but nothing solid came out of it yet. I am not an NQT but I have started a new job in september. My head of department has no issues or concerns, my GCSE class results are at the expected level, internal examination results are good, relationship with students/colleagues are good, had only one observation at the beginning of the year (no concerns raised) and out of the blue bang! big worries about classroom management... (Obviously so serious nothing has been done about it for 2 terms!) my HoD still can't understand what is going on as he has no concerns about me at all. It feels like the decision is already made as I don't have any solid success criteria that I can improve on or any other guidance/help/observation.
  5. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    Yep, union union union union. Plus get thinking cap on for anything positive/negative said to you when and by whom, and your assessments for terms 1 and 2 to copy to them as well. was it your mentor who broke the news to you?
  6. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    Sorry, just r-read your post in my birthday wine-haze and realize you are not an nqt, probationary period threw me. Still important to log any positive and negative comments and harass your regional rep, not school trip for urgent advice. Gather anything you can to help your cause and DON'T LET THE BARSTEWARDS GRIND YOU DOWN!

    Much steely determination wished your way,
    LB x
  7. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    *school rep, rather than trip
  8. Oh, if you go into these details it was coming a long time ago. I can't go into details as it will probably identify me but little drops of pestering/dismissive-not supportive behaviour going since november. I have tried to talk (genuinely talk! Politely asked if there is an issue to be addressed, if there are any issues that I should be aware of and the answer was no!) My mentor is as surprised as my HoD as he is not aware of any problems, too. Both of them are completely out of the loop. Apparently "they are not strict or straight forward enough to be honest" (combined experience of 45 years of experience between them) !
  9. Happy Birthday : - ) Thanks for your support.
  10. Is it a state school?
  11. Ask them to put their concerns in writing for you. Keep copies of everything.

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