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Workplace bullying

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by skills324, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. skills324

    skills324 New commenter

    The teacher who works in the class next door to me constantly make sligh remarks, is always quick to jump on me if she feels i am doing something wrong, constantly sticking her nose in really.

    Anyone else experienced this kind of bullying? What advice etc do you suggest. To be honest im a little hesitant to take it to my head. Im thinking of keeping a diary of things she does, to build a case.
  2. Oh for goodness sake - keeping a diary?! How about just talking to her about it? Take control of the situation in a positive way. You report her for bullying you lose her for good and possibly make the other staff wary of you. You sit down with her one day and say you'd really like to work well with her and wonder if there is some way you could work together to do this. Say that the comment she made (repeat one) upset you and see how she responds. If she STILL carries on then maybe you could begin your diary writing campaign.
  3. By all means try talking to this person as sugested, but if you suspect you are being bullied start keeping a discreet written record, including time, place, and - important if any 'case' is to be made - witnesses.
    Read up on bullying in the workplace - you will find the sad but true fact that hardly ever does a grievance fo bulling have a positive outcome for the victim.
    However, it is your line manager's duty to deal with the bullying that you report, and if they do not do this, then they are failing in their duty of care to you, for which you could pursu a grievance.
    Hopefully things will not come to that, but I'd always recommend the old tactic of speaking softly and carrying a big stick, so to speak.
  4. QFE

    QFE New commenter

    A difficult one. I had a similar colleague who unfortunately had the ear of the head. By all means note down incidents - you never know when you might need the 'evidence'.
    I'd just do your best and not leave yourself open to legitimate criticism - I suspect they feel threatened by you.

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