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Workplace bullying: a loophole closed?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by 59th_street, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. GL
    an incredible and ongoing story.
    every case is different and i know yours has taken its toll.
    i admire you for it and hope that others stand up to the bulying as a result.
    stay well colleague

  2. casper

    casper New commenter

    Fantastic well done you should be proud of yourself.I know what effect his can have on your emotional and physical health.
  3. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    Thanks both! I do feel quite chuffed!
    Having bothered to look, I have now discovered that the new Education Act gained Royal Assent on 15th November 2011. Commencement of the bit that deals with the nuking of the GTC is devolved to the Secretary of State. We shall need to watch out for the publication of the statutory instrument containing the regulations relating to the new regulator's powers and jump on him straight away if he doesn't translate his undertakings into action!
  4. So pleased to hear this. am presently considering getting a solicitor involved in my own case as the Union are not able to help me. This news is reassuring.
  5. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Excellent news. All the badly-treated teachers in the country should be grateful to you..
    Thank you, GL. xx
  6. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    Look in your inbox! x
  7. snowstorm

    snowstorm New commenter

    I'm still awaiting an outcome to my story; it's something I will be wanting to take further so everything you post on here is useful.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
  8. jellycowfish

    jellycowfish Occasional commenter

    Excellent news, GL!. Congratulations on succeeding in your continuous battle for justice. Let's hope this is the beginning of the end for those who seem determined to ruin the lives of others. Thank you.
  9. Dink_bird

    Dink_bird New commenter

    Well done, GL - it will be interesting to see whether Mr Gove keeps his promises.
    Watch out bullying HTs..you'll (hopefully!) soon have to start treating your hardworking staff properly and maybe then you'll deserve your cushy salaries...
  10. richfruitcake

    richfruitcake New commenter

    So impressed to hear this update. I know you have worked incredibly hard in your fight against work place bullying and were also very supportive when I was unwell following issues at a previous school. I take my hat off to you.

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