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Working with job-sharing teachers

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by mambera, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have experience of this, good or bad? How do you manage when they have very different ways of working? Does it make more work for TAs?
    It would be really good to get some tips.
  2. Does anyone have experience of this, good or bad? How do you manage when they have very different ways of working? Does it make more work for TAs?
    It would be really good to get some tips.
  3. I worked in a year 2 class for a year with two job-sharing teachers and didn't find it a problem. They were both fantastic teachers and had their own styles of teaching. It took a while to get used to their different ways of teaching but after a while everything was fine.
    I wouldn't say it was more work for me as a TA; however it was tricky from time to time when they gave me different instructions on how to put up a display or how to mark books in the way that suited them best.
    I have always said that good communication between TA and teacher is key to a successful classroom which is even more important when there are two teachers to communicate with! It is also vital that the two teachers are working together and plan around using the TA in a similar way.
    In my experience, there was always a 'changeover' period where both teachers were in the classroom passing on information to each other before one of them left.
    Most importantly, remember to voice your concerns to an appropriate person if ever you feel things are not working or you have issues with the teacher(s) you are working with.
    Hope this helps?!
  4. I love both of the job share teachers I work with. It stops you getting on each others nerves! lol
  5. work with 2 - one an older teacher - great with the children and who mucks in - the other an enthusiastic teacher who believes she is a teacher and does not blur the lines of responsibility so I do all the menial tasks and she swans off................
  6. Im a TA working with 2 teachers and i have found that there are both good points and bad.
    One teacher is very good at her job and she knows exactly what she wants and what she wants from me, everything is very structured and organised and I am very happy with that because I like to be busy.
    However, the other teacher has a very different teaching style and while I like her as a person and get along fine with her, she doesn't really use me to the best of my ability and can be quite patronising and treats me at times like one of the children.
    I could disapear for an hour and she would'nt even quetion me about my whereabouts!
    I hoped this has given you another view on working with job share teachers Mambera and if theres anyone out there who can give me any advice on this matter, I wouldbe very grateful!
  7. Hi Poppy6. Thanks for posting.
    That sounds like a really difficult situation and it must be hard to broach the subject with the teacher.
    Have you tried to talk to her, or your line manager, about it? Does the fact that you like her personally make that harder? How is it affecting the way the children respond to you?
    Feel free to email me if you like: caroline(at)carolineroberts.co.uk. This is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to give advice on in my article so I'd be interested to find out a bit more about your experience.
  8. Hi again, Yes it does make it harder when you like this person because we get along fine when we are not in the classroom. As for the children, I do find that when Im working with this particular teacher, the children seem to want my support a little more because they don't want to have to ask the teacher to explain instructions again. The teacher seems to focus on the more able ones which isn't fair on the less able children.
    As for the other teacher, she is great, she differentiates the work accordingly and uses my support efficiently!
    We work as a team!!!

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