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Working whilst sick.... so cross!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by jonowen, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Catherine, I can't believe this but I may not understand the system in the country where you are currently working so I'm not going to be critical. If one of my children were attending your nursery I would not want them to be taught by an ill teacher - and you are not a well lady just now!
    Sounds like you have the flu - what will happen if you cannot move tomorrow? I would phone your "Director" and tell her you are still very ill and came back too soon. I know you want to appear conscientious and dependable but it is YOUR health you are responsible for and not arranging cover. Doubtless the "Director" gets more pay than you - she should be earning it don't you think?
    Hope you feel better shortly and don't go back to nursery until you are rested properly.
  2. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    That alone sounds dreadful, but because you work in a private school abroad you would have to talk to someone who knew the system.
  3. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    perhaps suggesting to the director that if the children whose parents are paying thousands for their education were to catch something from you their parents might think about suing. It might make then consider putting appropriate cover in place. I certainly wouldn't want somebody with a contagious vomiting bug teaching my young child.
  4. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Thanks for responses everyone.
    Re informing the director about passing on illnesses to the children- We have said this and every winter we have the same problem. There was a scandal due to a teacher at the other branch of the kindergarten coming in with a highly serious and contagious illness that made national press last year. Some parents then formed their own kindergarten with a breakway group, albeit from what I hear rather unsuccessfully.
    We have no unions here, just a small staff, where there is a "like it or lump it" attitude. I have looked up the emplyment laws for the country I am in and the state that for those working 6-9 hours per day, you are entitled to a paid half hour break. My director insists this is not true and any break we get is out of the goodness of her heart (barely see one a week if lucky and this is only a recent development). I am just stuck.
    Since writing my original post, I have applied for another job. Fed up! I did a half day yest and the same today. Yesterday my fever was terrible! It has gone down today, thank goodness. Also went to the doc today who finally put me on antibiotics and some pain relief and wanted to have me signed off until at least Monday, to which I had to refuse as my colleague/co-teacher is in an even worse state than me. It isn't fair.
  5. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Oh, and the director owns the two schools. She is a businesswoman with no teaching background. She is rarely there.
  6. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    So what? If you're not well enough to go in, you're not well enough! It doesn't matter if she is in a worse state than you! (Are you sure about that by the way?)
    I hope you are successful with the job you applied for, the current one sounds awful.
    Which country are you in? I'm in Italy and was recently sacked for being off with morning sickness after being in the job for 2 years. I have been searching for a new job ever since but two weeks into term is not the best time to find one, even less so now I'm visibly pregnant.
    I hope you feel better soon!

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