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Working Title Films Question

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by fluffyhandbag, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I wonder if anyone out there can help me, I've taught the WJEC A level Film Studies for a few years now and I have always taught Horror as part of FM2. This year I would like to teach Working Titles and I am looking for some advice as to which films to teach.
    Looking at previous papers, the questions seem to focus on Britishness and Narrative structure, but with over a 100 films in Working Titles back catalogue, I'm finding it very difficult to narrow down my teaching choices; Working Titles are a very diverse production company and I'm not sure whether to compare some of the most popular choices and confine my study of Britishness to things like Four Weddings etc, or to compare a something like Four Weddings with My Beautiful Laundrett and look at the different depictions of Britishness, or focus on a comparison with classic Heritage film from their collection.
    Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on approached that have worked for them?
    Wood and trees spring to mind at the moment.............
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi,
    I've taught that option since the new spec came in and I've used Bridget Jones's Diary, Love Actually and Hot Fuzz with other screenings available for 'stretch and challenge'.
    Topics I cover include:
    • The history of WT and films they have made
    • How WT is funded and the implications of this
    • Narrative structure and then compare and contrast the themes in the films we watch
    • Representation and ideologies of the UK ( e.g. London vs the countryside and rest of the UK)
    • How Britain features in the films ( e.g. actors and intertextuality)
    I did ring WT and they didn't seem to have any resources available.
    The BFI do a WT study day- but the last one as last week I think. I did go to it two years ago and there was a general talk on British cinema, then a WT representative there who answered all questions going, followed by a screening of a WT film. It was very useful and the teachers there asked all the questions they could, while the students sat there (!)
    I think WJEC has a guide to what films were the most used in the exam sections on their website.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks Ellen for taking the time to reply, it's much appreciated!!

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