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working till 37 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by beachhut, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Due to circumstances (supply, moving house, having a toddler to look after too during second pregnancy) I haven't worked past 30 weeks in either pregnancy. This was, as I say, due to circumstance more than decision but I'm glad to be honest .
    I've struggled a lot with pain and general fatigue in pregnancy both times (fatigue probably exacerbated by having to take drowsy anti-emetics till birth to keep the sickness away) and I'm now at 31 weeks struggling to walk much without pain. I was incredibly sore by 25 weeks in first pregnancy. First time round I was so uncomfortable, exhausted and sore by 35 weeks I couldn't see how I'd get to the end - but baby dropping down about 37 weeks actually alleviated lots of symptoms and I felt much better for a couple of weeks.
    In my pregnancies there is no way I could have worked until 37 weeks, no way at all. But every pregnancy is different, and every woman (and job, actually!) so you won't necessarily know until you get there.
    You can have one plan and then change it as you go if necessary - take a look at last few pages of the spring babies 2012 or the 'how is your school supporting you' threads to see the balance of people doing fine and people having to take early leave / sick leave.
  2. For balance, I know a woman who worked until about an hour before having her first - she was a caterer and doing a function. Felt 'funny' and just carried on with the wedding... got home, realised she was in labour, had a baby within the hour. Similar story with her second. Just so fit and active and problem free pregnancy (and labour / birth, even if scarily rapid) that she worked until they popped out!
  3. I am almost 34 weeks now and have offically 3 more weeks at work (although with half term i actually have only 2 weeks left in school.) i feel fine, busy and tired but def ok to keep going. My only advice is to be more organised than me, I've left too much to do in next 10 days and will prob end up in school in first day or two of half term. I'd go with your plan you can always go off earlier if need be. Xx
  4. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    eeek! I'm hoping to work until 39+6! Am off for Easter break though during week 36 and 37!
  5. I worked til 38 weeks (39 weeks officially but the last week was half term). I was fine, even if I did spend more time sitting down in the classroom than I normally do. I had a fairly problem free pregnancy, but I was starting to explode out of even my maternity clothes by the end, I was the size of a house!
  6. I worked until my due date. WAs tired and nothing fit my huge bump but was worth it because I can have more time off with my little boy.
  7. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Just see. Some people have easy pregs, some not. Lots of folk get so bored at end of preg if they start mat leave. Of course if you already have a child it's different...
  8. Do you have far to commute? Working was fine for me but driving with big bump 45 mins each way was uncomfortable - I worked til 37.5 weeks, would probably do same again though as I got to spend more time with my baby as someone else said..
  9. I'm 37 weeks today and finished last week. Feel absolutely fine and could have gone on but really just wanted some time to myself which I figure I won't have again for a long time. I was going to put down my due date as the start of my maternity though as at the end of the day, you could put that down but if you need to leave earlier then you can...I wouldn't stress about it :0) All the best!
  10. I worked up to 38 weeks with my first (now expecting second) I was fit and well during pregnancy and found it fine. I did sit down a bit more (I don't normally sit down at all) but everyone was nice and helpful. I found two weeks off long enough (went into labour on due date) and could have done another week at work but the break was nice.
  11. I plan on working up to 36+1, but coming back on 38+1 to do 8 annual reviews, bump permitting, and as long as they don't book me in for a c-section on that day!

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