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working over the directed hours

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by young teacher, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. i work in a faith school and so we work untill half 4 in the juniors to
    make up for the extra faith lessons. for no extra pay. this means we
    work over the 1265 directed hours per year. i have rung my union to get
    advice on this,am waiting for a call back but wondered if anyone here
    has been through this and what the outcome was? i know of one girl whose
    union brought this up with the school and was then allowed an afternoon
    off to make up for this fact, but then she is being put back in the
    infants in septemeber, who finish at 3:30 so she wont have to be given
    an afternoon off.also she was told that shewas being iven an afternoon off to compensate for the change in key stage and extra workload, nothing was mentioned of the directed hours to her.
  2. How many hours do you think you are working?
    Have you subtracted lunches and allowed for the ten mins a day for being avaiable etc?
    Are you in a state school - not one of the many emerging ones that don't have to follow 1265 rule?
  3. to be fair am not too sure if i have worked it out right, we have a complicated timetable!but it is a state school and so has to follow the directed hours. have taken off an hour for lunch and then added ten mins before and after school when we are suppose to be in. am waaiting for my union rep to call me back so i can get more info from him and would like him maybe to look at my timetable and calendar to see if i do have a right. but now another issue come to light is how comes the ks1 staff get paid the same as ks2 staff but yet we work an hour longer?? its not very fair and surely something can be done
  4. Well if this is all accurate then yes you are working over the 1265 - but your HT should provide a breakdown of directed hours (won't like doing so).
    The additonal time is that paid extra? Or volunteered?
    ANy ither way the HT could get arounf it?

    A change in hours had to be approved by LEA(?) governors, parents and I believe Union bods..??

  5. no extra pay or benefits, its just somethign we do. apparently the 2 members of staff who were in ks2 when they made the change from half 3 to half 4 were promised an afternoon off to compensate and they get it, but there are 3 of us in ks2 who dont get anything. in interiew we were told we would have to work till half 4 so you say yes when you are in an interview, but i dont think i ever signed anything to state these hours. also surely its not legal if it does turn out that i am doing more hours than allowed. and can the school get away wtih paying everyone the same regardless of time working in school??
  6. DO you also teach the extra faith lessons?
  7. no, that is either our ppa time, or we are asked to support in another class or if a membe of staff is off we can be asked to cover for them-its still classed as directed hours
  8. Re the disparity in pay for number of hours worked - this is quite a universal issue with the differences between the key stages.

    ATM if the hours really are so OTT I would get the directed hours and then speak with the HT if over.... suggesting an afternoon off a week or similar..... if this is not well received I would go down the Union route....
    QUick question - what happens re staff meetings?
    So does your teaching allow for the 23.5 hours of required teaching + RE teaching + assemblies/breaks etc?
  9. am going to speak to union first to see what he says, then possibly ask the head for my directed hours, then see where to go next.
    how can someone in ks1 work a whole hour less and still get paid the same?it doesnt seem fair, they send the kids home at half 3 when we send them home at half 4 yet with no extra pay?
    you mean 23.5 hours a week? we work more than that and i include assemblies/breaks in my directed hours count. i dont teach re, is done by another teacher, but that time is then allocated as either ppa/cover or support work.
    we have staff meetings on a weds for an hour and 15 mins, all school finishes at half 3 to allow this. thats why its all so complicated, we work 3 days at half 4 and weds and firdays finish at the same time!

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