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Working memory problem

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by xxxfluffxxx, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. My son is always in bother for not completing work and being easily distracted. He is in year 2, a summer baby and was born a poorly premature baby. From starting school he has always needed extra encouragement to sit and complete any task and I'm always told that he is very capable but just won't do the work. At the October parent evening I was horrified to find his books had hardly any work in and the NQT told me that they had tried lots of strategies to help him - no improvement at all. That teacher left the school at the end of October and an experienced teacher has taken over. She told me last week that he will be lucky to achieve a level 1 because she is unable to assess his work because he just doesn't produce it. They keep telling me what a clever and very able boy he is and they just can't get him to finish the work . At home we are constantly finding that he hasn't completed a request, for example, go and put your coat and shoes on - sometimes he doesn't even get as far as the hallway. He reads to us every night andhe does his spellings and gets them right. I have commenced him on kumon because I was so worried - he is now adding 1-5 to numbers with ease.

    I have read about Poor Working Memory and am convinced that this is his problem, he just fits all the descriptions given in articles. What can I expect his school to do for him or is it down to me?

    i am a TA in a primary school. I'm really worried about him x
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    Others may have more useful ideas, but I would suggest you ring the school and make an appointment to see either the Head Teacher or the Special Educational Needs Coordinator as they will be in a position to tell you what the school is able to provide and what your legal rights are in connection with having him assessed by an educational psychologist.

    I think it will be a mixture of what you and the school can do together and starting the kumon lessons is a positive start.

    You are right that you need to take action now so this problem doesn't drift. I wouldn't worry as I am sure that together you and the school can come up some strategies to help him. I think the first point of call would be to get an appointment with the Head Teacher of your son's school and explain your worries to him/her and see what assistance they can offer. They should also be able to direct you to other sources of help whatever they may be.

    Try not to worry as I am sure that you will be able to find the help you need.


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