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Working in London?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by mbarnes1989, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I'm a final year BED student and I'm considering relocating to London for September 2011. Has anyone done this? And how are they finding doing their NQT year there (ie is it more stressful?)

  2. Hi

    I'm a final year BED student and I'm considering relocating to London for September 2011. Has anyone done this? And how are they finding doing their NQT year there (ie is it more stressful?)

  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Many NQTs come to London to work every year- you need to look carefully at the demand and the various areas- London is a large and diverse place. generally most of the ITT providers are based in S London so these areas tend to be swamped with NQTs compared with the North and East. You need to look into living costs in the areas you are interested in- rental prices will vary and many boroughs will offer advice and information. Do ensure you apply on time as many of the central application pools close quite early - check out the blog on Getting your first teaching post on the student teacher pages.Most boroughs have their details on their websites and the NUT first post guide is a good source. In addition TES will be bringing out the NQT magazine shortly

  4. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    I did not need to relocate but do work in an Outer London school (Enfield - which is one of the North London Boroughs), I got my job through the Enfield Council pool - there is no closing date and they have open days to support applicants. Lots of schools use the pool and I was approached by several schools when I was looking. I have found the LA support for NQT's in Enfield to be very good, as is the range of training they offer and there is a real mixture of schools. I have friends who work in Barnet and they say similar.
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I work in Greenwich, applied to 3 local NQT pools as well as the Southwark Diocese NQT pool. I wouldn't say working in London is any more stressful than anywhere else (I love the fact you can take children places free on public transport and there are loads of free museums to visit!) but the traffic in general might bug you if you have to travel long to get to work.
  6. I have been working in Southwark for nearly 3 years. I completed the final term of my NQT year in Southwark. I found there was a lot more training, 1 year in Poole and I went on one course. In Southwark I regularly go on courses and we have really useful INSET days. I feel there are more oppurtunities to progress in your career. Both our deputys are young and I am now full-time SENCO. It is important to look carefully at the area you are thinking of working in and how affordable it is to live there.I don't mind the tube but I am only 3 stops away from my school. I wouldn't want to travel on the tube for too long as some staff do. Hope that's some help.
  7. Hello

    I relocated to London for my NQT year, I'm doing it now.
    Whether or not it's more stressful isnt really something I can answer as I haven't done the NQT year anywhere else!
    Schools vary hugely, wherever you are but perhaps more so in cities. There are some very tough schools in London (as well as in other cities), and some very good schools, and lots of inbetweeny schools...
  8. Did you have an interview for the Southwark Diocese pool? If so, what was it like? What did they ask?
  9. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    Have you had an interview with the Southwark Diocese yet? I am meant to have one in about 3 weeks :-S
    Have you found anything out about the interview? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Yes, I had an interview about 2 years ago for the Southwark Diocese pool. It was tough! 3 headteachers and someone from the diocese education board. But just hold your nerve, smile lots and think for a moment before you answer questions. They give you feedback afterwards and, unless they've changed it, give you one of three 'scores' which they pass on to all the CofE schools looking for new staff - unreservedly recommended (which I got!), recommended or not recommended. There are all sorts of things they're looking for. I was told I was approachable and smiley, and that my mentioning of G&T in response to a question about SEN was a big plus. They asked about my extra-curricular stuff, too.
    It was really useful, though. An excellent pre-interview interview, if you know what I mean!
  11. Thanks for the heads up!
    I have mine next week. They've asked me to bring 'examples of my teaching practice work' to show to the board. Any ideas of what they're looking for? Did they ask you to bring anything, and what was it?


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