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Working in Gold Coast HK

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by imanewteacher2007, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    was wondering if anyone in HK could advise...

    Will be working at a school situated in the Gold Coast and I have to decide where I want to live.

    Don't want to live where I work but also don't want to live and have a horrendous commute.
    Ideally I'd like to live near the mtr and have looked at areas at the end of the central line (Tsuen Wan) and places along but can't really find any ways of getting to the Gold Coast apart from taxis.

    Anyone able to shed some light?

    Happy New Year
  2. elkeisea

    elkeisea New commenter

    There are buses to Gold Coast from Tseun Wan and also from (probably closer) the MTR at Tuen Mun. I think the MTR also operates a feeder bus service to Gold Coast from Tuen Mun. Have a look on the KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus) website for details of bus routes. It's not the most convenient place to work if you want to live somewhere else so while it's doable on public transport not sure what the commute time would be like. Personally I'd consider renting a serviced apartment short term until you have a handle on the area and public transport.
  3. jamesandrewpollock

    jamesandrewpollock New commenter

    If it's the school I'm thinking of in the Gold Coast; don't staff get provided with on-site accommodation, or accommodation at the Gold Coast development? Also, the school I interviewed at provided a shuttle bus for staff to site...

    I was pleasantly suprised with Tuen Mun when I visiting there in September; nice big park, nice shopping mall... I'd happily live there...
  4. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    Secondary staff are required to either live on site or in the Gold Coast area. Primary staff have a choice with an additional hourlong allowance for this.

    As mentioned before, happy to live anywhere in HK as long as my commute isn't ridiculous and I'm close to transport links.
  5. jamesandrewpollock

    jamesandrewpollock New commenter

    What's your budget per month?

    You'll get more for your money in the new territories, but not all residential developments are convenient for the MTR...is a car an option for you?
  6. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    12,000 HK but I'm going to be sharing with a friend.
    Completely get what you're saying about getting more money in New Territories and transport not being great as that's what I'm finding when researching too. Not going with a car either hence why transport is a huge priority for me
  7. jamesandrewpollock

    jamesandrewpollock New commenter

    12k is not a great amount by any means; you're doing the right thing by sharing.

    I'll be looking spend between 20 and 30k for myself, so if you both put in 12, then you'll find somewhere suitable...but for 2 people, certainly new territories rather than city.

    Assume you looked on squarefoot?

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