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Working in a special measures school?????

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by happyrabbit, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hi
    One thing I think you need to bear in mind if you are interviewed for and duly are offered this post is that there is a reasonable chance you will be expected to make and implement change - and fast. If the school has been in special measures since December 2010, then panic stations are likely to be being pressed and as a senior manager you may have a lot of pressure piled onto you that, if you're wanting an easier life (I'm reading the comments about it being closer to home and job share) might not be the oasis you dream of.
    My honest view is that I wouldn't: I accepted a post in a school in NTI which is now in special measures and the stress that has been put on staff is unbearable. I wouldn't be anti taking a post in a SM school per se, but you'd need blood, sweat and tears - and the unfailing support of the Head and of other senior staff. It's horrible being new to a school yourself, getting your head around new systems and staff and children and being lauded as the saviour of the school then cast out when you didn't do quite what was expected in the desired time frame.
    Have a look around, ask questions (check your spelling [​IMG]) but be wary.

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