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Working in a PRU

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by eagreen, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have recently moved house and I am doing supply work until I can find a suitable full time post, but I am also considering other options like working in a PRU. I am a qualified secondary ICT teacher with experience of teaching PSHE, and I was wondering what is the best way to try and get work in a PRU?
    I was considering contacting my local PRU's directly with a covering letter and CV? and I will also speak to my supply agency to see if they deal with PRUs. My other question was about pay when working in a PRU. Are there different pay scales for teachers working in a PRU or do they follow the MPS for teachers?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated[​IMG]
  2. PRU teachers have the same payscale, but will often be awarded an SEN point (depending on the nature of the young people you work with and the generosity of your LA).
    Our PRU uses the supply agencies, so I think most of them deal with PRU's, but it can do no harm to send a covering letter too.
  3. Thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated!
  4. We struggle to get supply teachers willing to work in a PRU and tend to have the same 2 supply teachers whenever we need them.
    I also know that one of these contacted the centre directly, then joined the agency we use on the advise of our centre manager and we use her via the agency rather than directly if that makes sense.
    At the moment the future of PRUs is in the air so few areas will be recruiting, I know our county is likely to merge several services resulting in job vacancies in the future but not sure about elsewhere

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