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Working hours in academies?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by johnbrown, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Horrific ****-hole and very much full of ****.
    Are you that desperate?

  2. "Horrific ****-hole and very much full of ****" - Are you refering to planetx or the job?
    If you are refering to the job, then no I'm not at all interested. However our school is going to become an academy in January, or at least the governors will vote on it - it is a given. I'm interested in what changes to expect. I was saddened to notice the job spec for department heads at the jcb academy. If this is the way forward then it really is a backward step for teachers, pupils and schools. I hope they get desperados applying and appoint the person they deserve.
    And how come sh-it wasn't censored in your post?
  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Simple: Academies get to tear up Teachers' Pay & Conditions and make up their own rules - welcome to the future.
  4. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    And how come sh-it wasn't censored in your post?
    Closing speech mark ?
    **** ****"

  5. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    Nope ? Dunno, maybe it's off. You could always circumvent it ; it is designed not to throw out Penistone and Scunthorpe.

  6. You've been able to write **** on here for ages.
    Very satisfying.
    Very useful for describing Academies.
    I pity the young.
  7. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    The JCB Academy is only 4 or 5 miles away from... saw the advert before Christmas and to be fair, it was only the hours that put me off. I'm already HoD and in no rush to move, but it looked interesting.

    On the plus side, I know one of the IT techs (he used to work at my place) and he really rates the place technically - laptops for every student, modern new build, a nice area as well.

    It's still at then back of my mind. I believe closing date is early January?
  8. Gavcradd,
    Wasn't it you who contributed to the IPad / Guitar thread a while back?
    I have a beautiful collection of geetars myself which cost me 2 arms and 2 legs and find that with the combination of parenting (which I dont regret) and this *** job I hardly get to touch the damn things.
    This jcb ******** job could take you down the same path with NO time for hobbies while you spend all day trying to look busy.
    Don't do it!
  9. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Crumbs asking us to work 9-5 terrible...as JCB are a business its hardly surprising after all the rest of their employess have to!
    Personally I came into teaching from business due to all the usual doing great things for kids etc + the hours holidays and pension!
    But interesting that they ar easking teachers to work real work hours - be interesting to see how they deal with teh work load of marking etc!

  10. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    I'd be vary interested in only working such a short number of hours in a day. However the 200 "Student contact days per year" is an increase of 10 days from the standard teachers' pay and conditions. Also how many days without Student Contact are required?
    <font size="3">
    </font>Anyone translate this into English for me please?
    How can you set Key Accountability Measures based on %age passes when you have no PAD? 50% A/B at Level 3!! How can you guarantee this? You become very selective in the students who get onto your courses. If their ALPs target is D/E you don't take them on which is a shame for them.
    This is very worrying for the students of the future and the future of education in this country. But hey the Tory MPs will not be sending their kids to Academies so why should they give a damn?
  11. Yes, I noticed the increase in working days but isn't that the same in all academies?
    As for 'across the piece' - yes, it's ridiculous isn't it?
    Speaking as someone who has worked in business, I never heard anyone talk this *****.
    The only two groups of people I have heard talking such ******** are actors in bad TV dramas about business and thick teachers who think that's how they talk in 'the real world'.
  12. Once you have some experience being a full-time teacher, rather than a supply teacher and a TA, then you'll understand.
  13. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    STPCD does not apply, however the unions are trying to work very closely with Academy sponsers to maintain the linkage. I work in an Academy where keeping up with STP&C was of as much a part of the change as the change of ownership of the school. Even though we've had a few redundancies (no different to state sector) this is still a primary aim with the hope of actually bettering P&C if financial considerations are ever able to support it (in fact we get medical benefits that pay for my specs and visits to dentist each year with options of other things - we pay into scheme but payment is matched by our Academy Trust)
    Not all Academies are fly-by-night merchants looking to score a quick buck at the expense of the pupils they serve or their staff. If you are looking at an academy post, one of the questions to ask at interview could be how is union recognition organised within the school. A good one (like ours) will give sound like any other state school.

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