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Working conditions and career opportunites for women

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    No idea!
    By showing the men (and women) that you can do the job perhaps? But then someone has to be brave enough to let you get on with it in the first place. Sorry I'm not being very helpful am I?
    In this country we still have the "old boys network" to contend with too.
    There's also those people who don't know how to get into a certain field because of their "class", I hate using that word but it is still around today.
  3. Doch! Doch!
    All food for thought.
  4. Women end up carers not only for their children, but for elderly relatives too. I have virtually reached the point of giving up work altogether because I can no longer juggle work, caring for my elderly mum, looking after my daughter, home, husband etc. Something has to give, and the only thing that can give is my job.
    Once someone has had some years out caring for an elderly person, they probably dont have much hope of finding employment again, particularly if they're over 50.
  5. Thanks, Mrs Mo - that is an angle that hadn't occured to me at all.
  6. It has recently become even more difficult for women to get back into work following maternity leave. Temporary contracts are increasing and, as said previously, these are not renewed when a woman goes onto maternity leave. She then has a gap on her CV and a gap in her working knowledge and in the current jobs market this is very difficult to overcome.
    There are hundreds of graduates out there - the competition for jobs is huge. Without overcoming the lack of a recent skills set in a recent job, it is difficult to compete.
    In addition, there is help for single parents but not really much for those whose husband brings in a wage.

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