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Working at a FE college

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by ADhesi1, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. ADhesi1

    ADhesi1 New commenter


    I am a NQT I have completed two successful terms. I am thinking about applying at a very successful FE college. I am wondering how is working at FE colleges different to schools? Would the more experienced teachers advise this for a NQT? I do have experience working with 6th form classes which I usually enjoys a lot more. Look forward to responses hope everyone had a good half term.
  2. thekizzaa

    thekizzaa New commenter

  3. elder_cat

    elder_cat Senior commenter

    When I was there, there were two major differences. Firstly, they expected to be treated differently, given they were no longer in a school environment. Secondly, the issue of how the funding was impacted by achievement. Students withdrawing in the current academic year had a negative effect on the next years' funding. This tends to mean that SMT are highly reluctant to withdraw students, which can be frustrating if those students present behavioural issues that impact on the achievement of others in their group. When I was there, there was also an expectation that you would do whatever was required, in order to guarantee that the students met their predicted grades. Again, if the students were not that well motivated, it made life more difficult than it needed to be. Of course, it may be that 6th Form students are funded differently, you'd have to check.

    I taught Vocational, and the only contact I had with AS or A Level students, was for 'independent study', rather than taught sessions. But I got the impression from colleagues, that the students were pretty much the same as you would expect to find in a school 6th Form.

    In my experience, students at College can be challenging, regardless of how experienced you are. You may find certain students view someone of a youthful appearance as a legitimate target, on the (usually unfounded) assumption that "someone so young can't possibly know much more than me". But generally speaking, as long as they are convinced you know your stuff, then you can usually win them over at some point.

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