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Working as an HLTA after doing a PGCE?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by JET77, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. So, I have noticed that it is quite difficult to lasso your first job as an NQT so I was wondering whether applying for HLTA positions and the like would be a good way in. Obviousely there is supply work but I could only do the long term stuff due to not having very good eye sight. I need to think realistically. I've also practically had one year out which I know is not wise at all but it wasn't really intentional. A harrowing PGCE, aren't they all, with a great knock to my confidence meant that at the end of it I was very unsure whether I wanted to do class teaching. I am sure now though and although I have had some interviews there is such a great demand and I know that it will take some time. Its good to have some sort of experience and supply work isn't always available, expecially the long term stuff. I've been teaching, but this has been part time voluntary work with a local ecology centre. There are HLTA positions that mean you provide the cover to PPA and teacher absence. I'm not sure that this is actually what schools are supposed to be doing but they are. It's a bit cheeky but it could be a way in and give me some valuable experience. What d'ya think? Would be glad to see any opinons on the matter.
  2. If there are genuinely no teaching jobs then I couldn't see it being a problem, it shows that you want to work in education, it gives you a foot in the door of a school, however, it's a foot in the door of only 1 school, rather than several if you were local supply. There is bound to be someone much more in the know than me that might foresee any issues.
    If you need the regular income then it's a no-brainer until a teaching job comes up, I would do anything to make sure there is food on the table for my kids and if that means I have to do cleaning toilets for months once my PGCE is over then I would do it without hesistation if there were no other jobs.
    At least with a HLTA job you would be up to date with education issues, be getting plenty of classroom experience etc when a job finally came up.

  3. If there are no other options then yes you can take work as a HLTA to keep your and in and gain experience - the thing to be careful of is that you are not then used as a teacher carrying out the duties with neither the pay nor the benefit of completing induction.
  4. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    One word of caution some Heads would query why you are doing HLTA work over supply teaching ( they have a poor grasp of job reality sometimes) and could assume you are not up to regular teaching.

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