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Working as a supply teacher - how has this developed your professional practice?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by DB9required, May 18, 2011.

  1. Thank you satffpar! If it had been in an interview, would have been happy with my answer...... think that because it was a visit I felt unnerved afterwards!!!
  2. Do not undervalue yourself! Supply teaching (in secondaries particularly) is one of the hardest jobs in any public service. Successful supply teaching requires enormous skills, intelligence, people knowledge, highest content knowledge and an amazing ability to think on one's feet par excellence!!!

  3. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Flexibility, initiative, spontaneity, independence, resourcefulness, adaptability and observation skills all spring readily to mind. Being able to rapidly establish one's presence in a room. Effective classroom management, being organised for all eventualities, patience, dare I say humility, self-evaluation and a ready sense of humour.
  4. When I was asked similar I replied along the lines of - if you'd have asked me about supply when I was doing my PGCE I would never have thought I could do it (this got a smile from the panel), but that it had exposed me to a massive range of age groups, school types and settings, that teaching without that security net of an established status within a school meant my classroom management had been honed to a fine art, that I'd learnt to think on my feet, adapt and interpret a massive range of planning and topics and gained experience of the whole range of the primary curriculum.
    Was an answer along those lines - in that case I got the job.
  5. Plus...resilience, mutual respect, leadership skills, charisma, approachability, establish rapport quickly, sincerity, excellent behavioural/classroom management skills, knowledge and experience of a range of didactic skills, innate sense of what will work in different groups, high and up-to-date ICT skills, including "Smartboarding" plus MS Powerpoint skills to present learning outcomes at touch typing speeds and live i.e. whilst in front of class, ability to memorise some 30 plus names at a glance, ability to use the school's disciplinary system effectively, being an effective comic if required, ability to perform mental maths quickly ....[​IMG]...abilty to spot the most co-operative and helpful pupils who will be one's allies...and ability to be "fair, firm and friendly" as the need arises...
  6. ...and punctuality!
  7. ...and of course excellent and up to date knowledge of one's subject e.g. maths, science etc
  8. Fing is, as supply you are considered a 3rd order leper by anyone with a "proper" job. Good old stigma and stereotyping!
  9. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I have developed to understand just how sh*tty some students can be when supply come in and how there is very little support from SMT. Also to make sure that when I do go off ill myself to leave supply work, and to ensure they have access to the room.

    This would be a dream answer in my mind, but feels great to post.

    I think your answer was a good one. The visits are at times if you go to one, a way for them to get you sort of in an informal way.
  10. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    ...for them to get to know you in an informal way
  11. Must you always be so damn negative!
    I know of many secondary supply teachers who are called time and time again for their usually excellent performance, So let's have less of the idiotic stereotyping and prejudice. In fact some are even asked to observe and mentor NQTs and stand in for HODs.
    No not lepers but actually breaths of fresh air who bring huge added value to classroom situations...

  12. Here, here pedigree!!

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