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Working as a Foundation Unit Nursery and Reception-2 form entry help please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by PipPie, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. I know I am probably 1 of a small minority but I worked in a Foundation Unit and found it very difficult. Noboday got anything out of it at all - children or staff. You have to differentiatiate far too broadly and can't meet the needs of the children well enough. The one way we attempted it at one point was to have shared play and topic but the rest was done seperately. Sorry to be such a pessimist about it.
  2. Thank you very much for your valuable response. We thought that we could work as a unit for outdoor play only just as you have suggested.
  3. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    I am an "anti" too ... small minority or not ... too many children, too noisy, too much free-flow/freedom. I would suggest you do a search on this forum as there was quite a long thread not too long ago on the subject and also go and visit as many units as you can - we didn't and we so wish we had taken the opportunity to see how others make it work (or not!).
  4. sadika

    sadika New commenter

  5. Completely agree, no quiet whatsoever!
  6. thanks to all for your valuable contributions. It has made me rethink the idea carefully and may be just try it with outdoor play as we have 3 outdoor areas and if any useful ideas for that would be welcome
  7. I manage one at the moment- it does work, but is extremely difficult to timetable it to ensure all children are suitably challenged and/or supported at all times. Sometimes I suspect we don't quite manage it- but do our very best.The only way for us it can work is to timetable lots of things happening, rotating children so that some of them are doing something at all times. I don't mean that they are rotating around activites and get no free time but that they are not all working independently at once- it would be chaos!! Having said what I've said above, I'm completely knackered of being in there and about to hand my notice in so I guess I agree with everyone else!
    Good luck!
  8. I'd be really keen to hear your reasons for wanting to work as a Unit. Have you been told to set one up, or is it something you really want to do? Although I haven't been involved in setting one up, I do work in one and would urge you to think very carfeully about moving towards working in this way. In my experience the disadvantages really outweigh the benefits, and most of the advantages are for the older children. Where I work we have been told that Units are the way to go, but we still haven't been 'sold' the benefits - and I certainly haven't seen them for myself yet!
  9. The reasons behind looking at working as a unit are as follows: to strengthen the Foundation team and to allow for co-operation and collaboration; to support NQTs and put in early interventions and to achieve consistency in planning so that progress of a child is cumulative and that we have 3/4 outdoor areas-role play, bikes and cars, football pitch and one with slides, caterpillars, sand, water areas. I was hoping to plan the use of outdoor areas in Summer 2 as a Foundation Unit and see if we can improve/ enhance provision for outdoor learning.

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