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Working Abroad

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by cillian13, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hi, so to summarise my background, I'm studying in Ireland at the minute but plan on doing the PCGE in England because of the bursaries for language teachers. But I always wondered, is there much of an opportunity for language teachers to go abroad to the Middle East or Far East in the same way there seems to be for maths and science subjects? I'd be interested in travelling but always wondered if language teachers got the chance to do this, because they might use first language speakers instead. All help appreciated and sorry if this is in the wrong forum
  2. nicktheteacher

    nicktheteacher New commenter

    Set up an alert on the TES job page to alert you to MFL posts abroad. There are quite a few, especially in the Middle East and Far east. Most of the jobs on there are from British Schools so you tend to find the are staffed mostly from British educational backgrounds. However, most positions do require at least two years teaching experience.

    Good luck, I wish I has the balls to apply for the overseas posts. I always talk myself out of it at the last minute.

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