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Worked for ILEA and had trouble getting your full pension?

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by albertdog, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. From 1974 until its demise, I worked for ILEA. In 2010, I tried to claim my pension but found that my years working for ILEA had not been credited to my pensionable service. The reason given was that the records from IlEA were not all transferred to TP. If I took my pension now, it would only be based on my subsequent years, so I would be about 15 years down, which could not be rectified later if the records became available. My union has ben working on this but, apparently, it is not an uncommon problem: I have heard of a couple of other cases.

    I wonder what the experiences of other ex-ILEA pensioners has been.
  2. Hello Albert....I too started my career in London, with ILEA, in the 1970s.
    When I retired (thirty years later) my pension was calculated without the contributions I made when with the Inner London Education Authority. Fortunately I only lost five years worth.
    However...I did a bit of research....cannot remember how or where now but it was online and by asking TP bods what I should do. I was given an address in London...(I worked in the Borough of Lewisham then but am up in the Midlands now) and I wrote with my details, school name and address etc...and my home address at the time.
    My letter was never acknowledged...so I decided all my records had disappeared, but to my surprise about two or three<u> years</u> later I received all the (handwritten) pay sheets logging hours, terms, years etc...and in there somewhere was a tiny box recording pension deductions. Most of it was hard to decipher..(faded, blotched paper, pro-formas filled in by hand, scribble in some of the boxes...crossings out done at the time...all pre-computer of course!) and it was all photocopied too!
    I tried to work out the amount I'd contributed...and then forward the papers to ILEA. (I kept copies of the copies!) There was an apology for the delay but there was (not surprisingly) a huge backlog of work.
    Someone somewhere WILL go through old records on your behalf. If I can dig out those papers (don't hold your breath!) I'll pass on the info.....(not sure if the address I was given was just for Lewisham teachers) but do press Teachers' Pensions. Lots of us worked for the now defunct ILEA so they must have some idea how you retrieve this information.
    Good luck!

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Metropolitan_Archives
    The London Metropolitan Archives stores ILEA records...not sure about pay details, but that might be the place to start Albert. I am sure someone there would be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.
    I hope you are able to retrieve the information as it is bound to make a difference to your pension. [​IMG]
    Best wishes.

  4. Whoops... to TP of course....
  5. Thank you for information, Arched Eyebrow. This might be a ray of hope!
  6. The same has happened to me. I f I do not get the years working for ILEA credited, my pension will be only &pound;740 per moonth, before deductions.
  7. Have you:
    a) Tried this lot?
    b) Gone along to your MPs surgery without an appointment and kicked up a fuss about not getting a reply?
    c) Stripped naked and handcuffed yourself to the railings with a placard outside number 10 Downing Street (tip off the press first)?

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