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Work Tuesday-Friday, Inset Days/bank holidays?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by magpie5, May 22, 2011.

  1. magpie5

    magpie5 New commenter

    I have just taken a job 0.8 FTE which is Tuesday to Friday. I am just wondering what happens about Inset days which are most likely to fall on Mondays? Obviously I would not want to miss out on important training but equally do not want to be working full time!
    Also what happens about Bank Holidays? I assume I just miss out?
  2. I'm afraid you will just miss out for the bank holidays. However, attending an inset day on a day that you don't work should be your choice i.e. optional, and if you choose to attend you should be paid for it. You cannot be made to attend. What if you had another job on that day? You should be paid. What if you end up forking out for child care and being significantly out of pocket? These circumstances may not apply to you but they will apply to other part timers, and all part timers must be treated the same. Be wary of the SMT putting pressure on you to come in without pay, unless you are willing to for CPD purposes. In which case make it clear on a day by day basis that this time you will be attending but you may not be able to/available next time.
    This is assuming you are in a state school. In independent schools they can refuse to pay you, in which case you may either have to do it for free or not do it at all, depending on your own needs.
    Also watch out for parents' evenings and other meetings on your day off. I am not sure about attending courses out of school on your day off. You may not get reinbursed for using your day off for work related training/attending courses.
    You should probably clarify what the school will do with HR before you start the job, or asap.
  3. Teachers aren't paid for bank holidays. We are paid for 195 days a year. 0.8 contract means you can only be expected to work on 156 days, if you school wants you to work more than this they will have to either up your contract or if you agree pay supply rate for the additional days.
  4. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Why not offer to take time off in lieu?
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Not exactly, we are paid an annual salary, divided into 12 monthly payments or a pro rata equivalent. Bank holidays are part of the year's work.
    Supply teachers don't get paid for Bank holidays because they are paid on a daily rate which is 195th of an annual salary (if properly paid!) which excludes Bank holidays.
    We are paid for all of our work in the discharge of our professional responsibilities. We can only be <u>directed</u> for 195 days per year.

  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    whoops, 190th ....
  7. OP had already stated that her contract is 0.8 over 4 days, so as all ready stated can only be directed to be in school for 4/5 of the 195 days which is 156.
  8. Much simpler to simply say OP can only be Directed on days he/she is contracted to work.

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