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Work to rule

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by mim58, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Tomorrow I am in for 3 hours a.m. The SNCT quotes at section 6.1 ...2.5 hours set aside for preparation and correction, pro-rated for those who work for less than a full week.
    means 6 mins for every 1 hour teaching, so I will be due 18 mins within
    my 3 hours. Fat chance! I will do what I can within these 3 hours even
    if the class has to read silently while I prepare.
    I emailed my EIS rep to see if I had their backing. Guess what? No reply!
    anyone remember supply work before McCrone? We got paid for 5 hours
    teaching and an extra 30 mins on top of that for prep and correction.
    No other worker would work extra for no pay.
  2. Are you contracted or supply? If you are supply you can claim for this. Aberdeenshire Council sent information about the new pay and conditions and said that if you didn't get your non-contact time you add 11% of the time worked on to your timesheet. I have spoken to others in schools who have done this.

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