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Work this term so far....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by e26, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. e26


    Hi, just wanted to see if other daily supply people are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs right now......Have been doing supply since Feb with phone calls every day. Since the schools went back yesterday - nothing! Is this just normal because it's the start of the term? I'm panicking and SKINT!!
  2. Hi there, begining and end of term is usually very quiet. This is a quite term for secondary as well with year 10 work experience, year 11 exams etc, etc. If you were working every day on daily that is good. I am on a long term cover and they make my day up with cover on sometimes as covering for HoD - and haven't had any cover lessons at all this week. Sorry, not very helpful.
  3. Yes, I am also sitting at home twiddling my thumbs! Although I'm only just starting supply...suppose the first day back was a bit much to ask for my ever first day of supply.

    Being new to all this makes me even more uneasy, does supply work even exist?! I realise I have gone into this voluntarily, so fingers crossed it picks up soon. Despite having no work at the moment, I'm much happier than I was in the post I left before Easter!
  4. Yep. Back on daily after my long term post was pulled. Schools got their budgets in at the end of last term and money has been drastically cut. Not sure who will cover my PPA role, maybe the head will, maybe they will put classes together as they run 3 mixed age small classes on numbers my old school would fill 2 classes with. I started this time last year and remembered it was quiet too. I'm pregnant too which probably doesn't help and counting down the weeks til I may be better off claiming my maternity allowance rather than work. Think I averaged a day a week, often over half days which increases travel expenses! MA is definitely better than a day a week.
  5. e26


    Thanks for your replies, guys. I didn't actually work every day last term, but got offered it pretty much every day....but it was in a horrific school usually, so I could only manage one day on/one day off haha! I'm secondary, but then started getting scraps of primary and nursery which I actually love!
    Now there is an eerie quiet! I preferred it when they were harassing me! Got one day in a nursery on thursday but it's only £7 an hour (private) and it's 15 miles away - but better than nothing!
  6. I have had nothing much over the last couple of years. My last supply was as a TA, mornings only for two weeks, just before the holidays. Before that, the last time I worked was in July. This is for science, in London
  7. Oh I'm so glad it's not just me! To be fair, I only finished a maternity cover before Easter and I have deliberately not looked for contract work for family reasons - but it is very strange not to be at work, especially when my little girl is at nursery. I'm in the middle of trying to find my old cv and update it before contacting schools direct (tomorrow's job!).
  8. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    I'm not expecting much this week, or I wasn't. Got offered two weeks work starting today, but am away on Friday and already booked at another school next Thursday and Friday. Got an unexpected half day today.
    This is a long half-term so there may be more work over the coming weeks, depending on when year 11 go off on study leave or whether or not year 10 have work experience.
    I just need to hang on in there until the end of June when the GCSE marking cycle starts again. Should keep me in pennies over the summer holiday.
    I will try to remain cautiously optimistic.
  9. I had my first ever morning of supply today - great experience! :)
  10. Before the Easter holidays I was working almost full weeks! I had to turn many days down, but have had nothing this week so far! I'm hoping it will pick up next week though, fingers crossed! :D
  11. Did have 5 days booked but cancelled one due to it being in a horrendous school so four so far this week.
  12. Ronson

    Ronson New commenter

    I've only had one this week so far. Granted, one day I wasn't free, but I was hoping there'd be more. I know the first week back can be slow - I work Primary schools - but it's a bit of a downer.
  13. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I only wish the phone <u>would</u> ring, even if it's a horrendous school! (Shows how desperate I am!)
  14. Sods law dictates you lose work if you can't answer your phone!! Missed call yesterday while driving and it was for fork today but they gave it to someone else. Have told them also due to child care I can't do emergency morning calls. Got up late this morning at 9am to another missed call and on returning call the 8:30 call was for work this morning. Tried to explain I have to ring my mum for childcare and so can take afternoon bookings off a morning call but can't expect her to ready at half an hours notice, plus the detour to drop off child impacts on getting to school quickly. My old consultant left and this new on just doesn't get it! Anyway I said ring me back if anything comes in for this afternoon or tomorrow. She did seem to think they would be busy this term and apologised for not getting me out this week yet. We'll see.
  15. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I had a day and a half at the start of this week then yesterday I have a call at 9.10 asking me to work at least half an hour away, I said OK but it was going to be getting on for 10 by the time I got there (always overestimate the time so it looks good when I arrive early) and they said they'd ring the school and let me know. Nope the school was going to cover inhouse. Nevermind, I ended up working the afternoon instead as a TA3 somewhere else.
    First and last weeks of half term are usually always quiet so hopefully it will get busier later.
  16. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Nothing this week.
    I had only two days in March.
    No longer getting ready for work each day. If they want me at the last minute, they can wait the extra 10 to 15 minutes for me to get dressed in work clothes, grab resources etc.
    This is probably going to be the last term of outting my life on hold.
    They can manage without a supply teacher that is prepared to teach most subjects and has been specifically trained for MFL (2 LANGUAGES), Mathematics and Food technology as well as having long-term experience with several other subjects.
    I'll be better off taking an actuarially reduced pension than twiddling my thumbs and getting nothing at all for several months per year.
    I feel increasingly unable to tell pupils to work hard for their future prospects when I've done just that and schools, of all places, choose unqualified staff over qualified teachers to meet their staffing needs.
  17. That's very sad, Jubilee! Hopefully you'll get something next week.

    I am also MFL and have had a morning of MFL supply and 2 days of cover supervising this week - although today it turned out all my cover lessons were actually French so I'm feeling a little hard done by only being paid CS rate!!

    I'm also starting a 3-day a week MFL cover job next week so have to say my experience of supply thus far (all 5 days of it) is remarkably good...
  18. I envy all you people who are getting some work; I have not worked as a teacher since last June.
  19. You are all ferking mad continuing with this insanity.
  20. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Jubilee, your post <u>so</u> resonated with my own position. Like you I'm MFL trained (3 languages) have done supply for many years and can claim, English, Maths, Art and DT as 'new' specialist subjects. I've worked in KS1- KS4 and am known (well was known before re-organisation) as a steady pair of hands able to turn her hand to most subjects/situations.
    The only difference is I won't have worked a single day since last July, so CRB will probably cease to be vaild and I'm not even in a position to get ARP. So probably going to have quit teaching-didn't even get a post as a TA! Confidence isn't exactly high at the moment and don't know if I could even operate a till at a supermarket checkout at present. Probably going to give in and go and see my GP and that will definitely knock out any hopes of getting work.

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