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work this half term?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by little_miss_teach, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. little_miss_teach

    little_miss_teach New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone has work this half term? There seems to be some primary but as year 11 have left secondary is low; im slightly concerned....
  2. I'm primary and have 3 days booked next week but that's it. I'm doing some exam invigilation at a local high school this week to tide me over. I imagine it may be a quiet few weeks for secondary aswell as year 11 leaving, most years have assessments in the coming weeks.
  3. I'd been hoping to continue at the school I was working in before half-term, but didn't get a phone call early enough this morning and assumed I'd get nothing as this is supposed to be a quiet term. But then I got a day's work at another local secondary school. I was covering Drama and Music this time (I'm a CS but normally end up in French as that's what my degree's in) and had quite a nice day since it was all in one classroom.
    Later on, I got a phonecall saying the other school had covered internally today, but they want me back tomorrow and until the summer holidays! So relieved as I had no idea how we were going to pay the rent next month otherwise...
  4. Hi Keziah_M
    ~Do you mind me asking what you get per day as a CS? And do the kids behave for you?
    Have you not thought of training as a French teacher?
    I'm a German teacher btw.
  5. Hi,
    I normally get £65/day when doing day-to-day CS work.

    However, before Easter one school asked to keep me for a whole half-term (after I'd been there for 2 days), and it was very clear they expected more from me than from a regular CS. The cover work I was given had instructions like "Teach the 'à +le = au' rule", or even asked me to make up my own mini scripts for listening exercises since they hadn't managed to get a laptop for me to borrow yet! Similarly, in the school I'm currently working at, I agreed to do some planning and marking in return for getting the teacher's PPA time rather than being deployed to cover in other departments. In these circumstances, where I'm putting in a lot of extra work (and using skills that not all CSs have), my agency has negociated £80/day (they say an NQT would get £100 working for them).
    As for whether the kids behave for me, it varies between different classes and different children (as I'm sure it does for everyone). In my current school, the Year 7s seem to be responding to me best (the HoD even got a complimentary phonecall about me from a parent!). In my previous school it was the Year 8s and Year 10s that I had most success with. I get the impression Year 9s are difficult everywhere!
    Pupils frequently tell me I'm very strict, because they claim when they have other cover/supply they're allowed to listen to their iPods.
    I sometimes feel like the behaviour is awful and I'm failing, but other teachers assure me that those particular kids are a problem for everyone and that I'm doing a good job. The teacher I'm covering for is off with stress, and the pupils sometimes make comments that she can't control them - it does make me wonder if they've been behaving badly for a while and if this is why she's now off sick.
    I certainly have thought of training as a French teacher - I'm starting my Secondary PGCE in French with Spanish this September, but am very glad to be gaining great classroom experience and paying the rent in the meantime...
  6. PurpleSapphire

    PurpleSapphire New commenter

    I'm secondary science and I haven't worked since Easter :(

    My agency said they hadn't offered me C/S work because they didn't think I would want it. Well I need to earn to pay my mortgage and feed my son. Grrr! So they said they'd let me know and STILL haven't come up with anything.
    Registered with a 2nd agency before half term so hoping they will come up with something.

    I emailed local schools about supply work and one is taking me on in September for a term.
  7. I, too, am secondary science in London, and I have had nothing since April 2011! I joined up with half a dozen agencies, but they all seem to be as useless as each other. I get phoned about once a fortnight with a request to do a couple of hours TA or CS work, always at impossibly short-notice (phoned at 8:30, asking you to be at a school 40 miles away by 8:50) and so far away as to not be worth it. Why two of the agencies keep doing this, I do not know.
  8. My own lack of geographical knowledge did catch me out, once. I got a call, asking me to go to Oldham. I gasped, thinking that that the agency meant Lancashire, but apparently there is also one near Basingstoke. Still to far too go, though.!
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I last had a supply day in March and spoke to my LA consultant. She confirmed that more and more schools were stating that they would only be paying CS rates for daily bookings. I was not prepared to accept such work.
    I mentioned that I never received any response to the several longer-term position that they had put me in for last year and this year. She mumbled some excuses. I speculated that schools and the LA agency would be putting me near the bottom of the pile for teaching bookings as I'm on M6, and that I was probably only going to get work on days when there was not a cheaper teacher/CS available and the school reluctantly caved in to my 'demands' for teacher pay (amounts to 2 or 3 days annually in recent years). Silence reigned as she clearly didn't want to have to confirm my appraisal of the situation.
    I told her that I thought it best if I resigned and schools who needed an MFL specialist at short notice or a teacher able to teach Maths and Food technology (re-training courses in last few years) as well as one who had long-term supply experience with several other subjects, would just have to manage with someone less flexible to supervise rather than teach children.
    I have triggered my pension 18 months early and have just received my lump sum, which is 3 times as much as I've earned since September 2011. I'll now have a modest monthly pension that is slightly more than I'd get from teaching one day per month. Incredibly, that is an improvement in my 'earnings'.
    It's ironic that I'm leaving teaching at a time when the government is trying to boost MFL acquisition, and putting more emphasis on grammar and spelling, all of which are my strong points.
    The government may be talking the talk but until they overhaul the system to ensure that absent teachers are replaced, where possible, by available qualified teachers, some pupils will continue to spend valuable learning time making posters and completing generally undemanding worksheets on already taught topics, which no-one will bother marking.
  10. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Have anyone of you wrote or even better arranged to meet your MP to raise the issue, about the issue of schools, using untrained and unqualified support to teach lessons in schools? Even the figures from the Dept of Education, reveal that in the year up to Nov 2011 revealed a decline of 10,000 teachers employed in permanent posts, whilst at the number of support staff rose by around 11,000. It does not need a genius to work out what is happening in schools.
    Also I do feel sorry for Jenny and other science teachers, and all supply and unemployed teachers, especially when the government, the teaching agency, the TDA, Gove and Gibbs constantly claim that there is a shortage of science teachers in London or teachers in general in the capital. Perhaps if they heard the truth from science teachers, they might do something to deal with the high number of unemployed teachers, instead of putting out the lies about teacher subject shortages for science or maths, and accept that there are too many teachers from subjects across the curriculum that are unemployed, and actually introduce policies that force schools to stop using support staff to teach and cover lessons.
  11. My half day this week got cancelled, well they wanted to swap me to KS1 which I won't do! I have decided to take maternity leave as of next week and I am only 29 weeks pregnant but will be better off with maternity benefit than the odd day supply they have been giving me, plus I will be less stressed.
  12. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Good luck with the pregnancy. You've got 2 weeks further along than I did with my last pregnancy!
  13. I was booked until the end of term, having been at the school since before Easter. The job was being advertised for September & I had been asked to apply, Today I was told that because of complaints by parents which were not being resolved (ie the parents would continue to complain and accuse on anything I did), I was no longer needed.
    The joys of being on a supply contract!
  14. I turned down a part-time position teaching Year 10, AS and A2 physics, last Thursday. It was only about two and a half days per week but it would have taken me through to the summer. The school is near Luton, which would mean travelling about forty miles a day. The agency told me that the DH of the school was impressed by my experience and was very keen to secure my services, hoping i could start tomorrrow (blah-blah). Just one, tiny catch; no pay! As the agency said, though, an excellent opportunity to kick-start my career. [​IMG]
  15. Blimey, just as you think the cover supervisor/ supply situation can't get any worse these work for free stories keep coming back. I commute about 10-15 miles a day and my fuel bill is c.£25 p.w. so for these role you would be paying somewhere about £60 a week to work for free. Who is going to be that bonkers?
  16. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Have you actually checked these figures. My son travels about 10-15 miles a week but his fuel bill is £60 a week!
  17. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Depends on the size of your car's engine and how you drive. I've got a 1.4L petrol car and a full tank of petrol costs me about £55 and will give me about 375 miles.
    I've got a full week booked this coming week, rather surprised but it's in my subject and at a school I know well. Looking forward to it, although it's 30-odd miles away! I don't mind driving a little further for a decent school.
  18. little_miss_teach

    little_miss_teach New commenter

    Its always worth driving a bit more if you like the school and for a full week!
    I feel like im doing something wrong im a maths teacher and have sen/ebd experience but nothing - I can only think its cheaper to pick up the PGCE students that are finishing??
    Actually offered to do cover supervisor work as of today and am now searching for working in a nursery jobs :(
  19. Umm - yes. It is five miles to my school (10 miles there and back), My twilight class is an extra 5 miles Mondays and Wednesdays. I work at a museum 7.5 miles away on Sunday, and I don't use the car other than this so shopping is done to or from work. I fill up on Tuesdays £25 at Morrison's (£1.29 per l at present) between working at my state supply school in the morning and my private school in the afternoon. A Citroen C3, four years old 1.4l and I drive economically.
  20. These days, a shortage subject might only produce, say, 50 candidates for each vacancy, as opposed to 100 or more for a non-shortage one.

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