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Work over Easter break needed!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by GB1982, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. GB1982

    GB1982 New commenter

    Hello All!

    I hope you can help please. I am working as a TA in Leeds and am hoping to secure work over the Easter two week holiday. Just wondering if anyone out there knows of any places/people/organisations etc that might take on people over this period?

    Any suggestions very welcome!
  2. mrmatt73

    mrmatt73 Occasional commenter

    Many may think you are mad to work over Easter but needs must. I would guess that you could sign up to an agency to act as supply TA (some schools Easter holiday are split across 4 weeks) so you may be able to find something there. However, doing TA work (if that's what you want) may prove to be very limited.
    If you look in the local papers, there may be some 'casual work' opportunities so that there is no application process. Otherwise, sign up to another agency and see what they can find you.
  3. GB1982

    GB1982 New commenter

    Haha, yes I can see why, but needs must indeed! I'm not necessarily looking for TA work, more suggestions on places that might run holiday camps, SEN days out, or need child support, that kind of thing around the Leeds area.
    Also if anyone knows of any job board or agencies that might deal more with this area of temporary work?

    Thanks again all!
  4. marbles78

    marbles78 New commenter

    I am registered with Sitters, a national babysitting agency. They offer evening and daytime bookings and you can pick and choose which jobs to accept so can fit it about your current commitments.

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