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Work in China?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by s4essene, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. There is a job ad out at the moment for teachers for China for an organisation that sounds a bit french, not 'umbridge' more 'of bridge', and I was wondering if anyone would recommend working there in China? My email is s4essene@yahoo.co.uk. Any advice appreciated.
  2. I would not suggest working in China. I have worked in both state schools and international private schools and although the kids are great, the majority of Chinese employers love to rip Western teachers off. My former employer is refusing to pay me because I was denied a visa. If you DO decide to work in China, demand that your employers sort out your papers legally and ensure you have a working Z visa. It is illegal to work in China on a tourist visa. I would suggest working in a major international city like Shanghai or Beijing and not out in the countryside. Good luck! If you find good employers and a good school, you will absolutely love china!
  3. A mate of mine is going to work there next year. Although, I haven't tried to disuade him, I don't think he will like it. I have never been but everyone there seeems to look like a surgeon.

  4. I worked in China for five years and loved every minute of it. Like everywhere, there are schools and schools, but if you join a good school (of which there are many) you should be fine. Local schools and language schools don't pay much, but reputable international schools are fine. To my knowledge, there are not many decent schools which are not in the main cities. Watch out for the pollution, which can be bad, but hey, nowhere is perfect.
  5. Some old colleagues of mine work for Dipont and I've heard no complaints from them.

    On the whole I agree with happyjack.China is well worth it but you must be careful. Do your research. Privately owned Chinese run concerns will not do you any favours (I know this cos I worked in one for two years. Not a nice experience!)

    Joint venture /International Schools offer better deals. But again do your research.

    Now my fifth year in China. After a less than satisfactory start its fair to say I'm loving it:)
  6. Taipei101

    Taipei101 New commenter

    your honest opinions welcome, How does this contract compare to others in China/rest of world?

    Mainland China
    2nd Tier city
    classroom teacher no responsibility points
    After tax paid 25,000 RMB
    yearly flights
    decent accommodation
    international health care - world cover
    free place for kids
    lunch included
    professional memberships included
    yearly inset etc

    Is this a 'good' package?

    I would like to compare it to other offers in China.
    living expenses are low here and there is great potential to save ... thoughts welcomed...

    I know the American Schools offer a lot more but is this decent for a NC school?

    Thanks in advance. Hope it's not rude to ask, curious, that's all.

  7. That seems to be a very good package. All depends on the ownership / management of the school and whether it is a local concern or a joint venture. Good luck!
  8. If you don't know this is 'good' package, you probably shouldn't go.
  9. Anything else anyone would like to add on this?

    Any experience of working there?

    What are the conditions like? What is the education like for the children of teachers?
  10. Thx- have PM ed you!
  11. I also worked in China, unfortuantely for me it didn't work out. But hey that's life sometimes!
    Sounds like a good package, but I know with my school the promised a lot but failed to deliver, all I would say is research the school. I was at an "international school" but I would not say it was a good one and felt sorry for many of the parents especially with what they were paying.

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