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Work Experience

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kleup, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I've also been getting work experience, I just emailed the school explaining that I was doing a degree in *insert subject* was passionate about teaching *because* and that I would like to come into that particular school because I really liked *something specific about the school* - I didn't send a CV with any of it, just wrote it as a nice letter or email. I think if you show that you're interested in a specific school it does help, I've been going in for classroom observations to 2 different schools since last Easter, I got invited to go and meet the headteacher to talk about why I wanted to visit their school and it was a bit like an informal interview before arranging the details.
  2. chloe1402

    chloe1402 New commenter

    Hi, I would agree with the post above, an email or letter to schools explaining that your hoping to apply for a PGCE course and would like to spend some time in their school. When looking to get experience for primary myself, I sent letters to every school in the area that I knew I could get to (was around 16 schools), only 4 replied so be prepared to have to give them a call if you hear nothing after a few weeks. I was asked to go and see the headteacher at one school, where we just had a chat about what it was I wanted to do and arranged some experience from there. Hope this helps.

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