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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Miss_Qatar, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. hey hey hey! [​IMG] ...My other half works and lives in doha so accommodation and transport is not a problem...i'm only going for a week as i'm teaching here in the UK so can't stay out there for too long..but while im there i thought it would be good to see what the schools are like - it'll save me having to go to work with my partner and doing his scivvy secretary jobs..haha!
    I'm already a qualified FE lecturer and don't fancy doing a paid TA job out there...with my Post 16 PGCE i found it hard securing a job, even in Doha college, as most of the jobs that were being advertised wanted a teacher with QTS - which Post 16 PGCE doesn't give you.
    Whether we stay in Qatar (which is most likely) or we decide to come back to UK, i found that there are alot more jobs in mainstream schools than there are in FE colleges so i've applied to do secondary english PGCE for this September start, fingers crossed i get a place..hopefully after having gained my QTS i will have what they are looking for.
    I was originally going to stick to my sector and get myself a CELTA qualification but most of the jobs being advertised in Doha for English Language teachers want u to have 5years+ experience and to be honest quite rightly so as i'm teaching ESOL at the minute and being a Language and Lingusitic specialist i'm still finding it quite tricky!
    Mr. Hippo I've pm you back in response to you email

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