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Work experience for high school teacher...

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by noodles29, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Tutoring is very valid experience as it requires you to prepare lessons and break down topics for students, however it can't be a replacement for seeing/knowing how to manage a class of 30! Any other experience with young people is perfectly valid too- teaching isn't just about standing in front of the board, the pastoral side is important too.
    Observation is generally all you will get to do in a school before your course, as you obviously can't be expected to know what you're doing. It could be that if you're somewhere for a longer amount of time the teacher may let you lead a starter with the class or work with a small group of students, however it's vital that you observe what's happening in the classroom before you try anything out for yourself.
    I was lucky enough to get to do some activities with students when I was doing my observation, and even taught a lesson with a cover supervisor present as the teacher was going to be absent- she did leave work in case I had to stop for whatever reason. But I did know the school as my sister was in that class! I'd already been an English assistant abroad so did have whole class experience and I'd already gained a place on my course so that may have had something to do with it. But to be honest the practical experience of teaching a lesson at that point wasn't too useful- I learned more from being in the classroom with an experienced teacher. I always helped out where I could (very aware that it's boring watching for an hour!),but it was definitely watching that I needed to do.
  2. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    Although in Scotland, as you may be aware, we don't have cover supervisors and leaving an unqualified person in charge of a class would be illegal.
    In primary schools, it is not unusual for unqualified staff to help out with classroom activities under the supervision of the teacher including, for example, hearing a group of children read but even that can be a 'mine-field'.
    It only takes one ill-considered remark from someone on work experience, or indeed a parent helper, to create all sorts of problems.
    I don't know how work experience for prospective teachers is handled in secondary schools, generally, but with the regulations in Scotland, and the large number of unemployed teachers, I would be surprised if an unqualified person was allowed to 'teach' a class.
    However, as you say, any valid experience with young people is useful and a prospective teacher can learn a great deal by just being in the classroom with an experienced teacher.
  3. Thats okay.
    However, thank you everyone for the excellent advice!.

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