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Work Balance

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Chatterbox1607, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Chatterbox1607

    Chatterbox1607 New commenter

    I am a new teacher just starting out and I know I do not have the work life balance that many people MAY have. I seem to always be working and have very little time to do anything with friends or my other half. How do you manage the work life balance and what tips would you share with me if you could turn back time or even what you do currently? Many thanks
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    It gets easier after a few years - that's all I can say really!
  3. I agree, it really does get easier with time as you know where stuff is, how to plan things you know are likely to work, how to manage all sorts of situations that, when you're new, take more time to deal with. I think the NQT year is the toughest as you don't have the same level of support as when you were a student and you are expected, more or less, to do the same job as someone who has been doing it for years. I'd say to try not to 'over-do' work - sometimes doing something 'good enough' is just that - good enough. Do ask for help if you need it too - you are surrounded by people who are teachers and are generally keen to help people develop and support people. I don't think there's anything I could have done to make my NQT year easier, even with many years hindsight - but the knowledge that it does get easier might make it feel less exhausting?
  4. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Hi Chatterbox, first of all congratulations on completing your degree and securing a job!
    I can't add anything more than the last 2 posts, but assure you it will get easier. Aim to have one day off (at least) at the weekends and plan something instead of working. I worked flat out for 2 years then had a break to have my 2 babies and when I went back (different school and colleagues) the HoD said she rarely took work home with her - she did it all in school (staying late sometimes). I adopted this strategy and found that the work I had put in pre-babies helped me in my new post. Home is sacred!
    Good luck
  5. <font size="3">Teaching is hard.</font>

    <font size="3">Work-life balance
    can be impossible at times, even more so in the early days. And sadly unlike
    times gone by when experience tended to mean it would be less hectic this is
    not always as significant but definitely it does improve!</font>

    <font size="3">Make sure that
    you work thorughut the term &ndash; try to get ahead when times are easier, try to
    set realistic targets of what can be done when &ndash; plan ahead when poss....</font>

    <font size="3">Eventually you
    may even get to a point when you have all the balls in the air and are not
    dropping any.... (rarely happens lol!)</font>

    <font size="3">Thing is to
    accept what you would love to do if had time and what you NEED to do...
    sometimes the latter is all that can be achieved....</font>

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

    <font size="3" face="Times New Roman">

  6. granddam

    granddam New commenter

    Definitely agree that it gets easier with time.
    One tip I would give is spend some time going through the school calendar so that you know when parent evenings / key assessment / reports or similar are due and can plan a realistic time for completing them into your schedule - nothing worse than feeling absolutely whacked, just hanging in there on your planning and then someone telling you that term grades or reports are due tomorrow by 4pm.
    Good Luck!

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