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Work and wages lessons and resources

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by MrsChristy, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. I think it?s really important for students to start to understand about how the world of work and wages works and so I have decided to incorporate a series of four lessons about this into our KS3 careers scheme of work, which we are going to do just before half-term when the year 9 students are beginning to think about choosing their options in February 2013.

    I know I keep going on about the lesson resources on www.teaching-resources-uk.com but I really like them and how they give you the whole package, so I am going to use them to support these lessons. With these lessons we?ll be covering aspects such as: What work used to be like - looking at the history of work; What kind of work can children do now 1 - looking at the laws that cover the kind of work that young people can do; What kind of work can children do now 2 - reinforces what the students covered in the previous lesson and The Minimum Wage - focusing on how much people earn and about the minimum wage.

    I'll feedback on how the lesson went and whether the resources worked or not.
  2. Hi folks

    I just thought I would let you know how my first year 9 lesson on the world of work went.

    I was following the lesson plan I bought from www.teaching-resources-uk.com (I'm a big fan as you might have guessed ;o) ) which concentrated on the history of work. I started by introducing the lesson objectives and then we had a general discussion to find out if any of the students worked now doing things like paper rounds or baby sitting for relatives or friends. I asked prompting questions such as ?what hours they worked?? and ?How much they get paid for doing it? (if they were willing to tell the class)?. It turned out, about a third of the class did some sort of work.

    We then moved onto an activity using a selection prepared resources from ?Teaching-Resources? where, in groups, the students read some text and looked at some images on what work was like in the past and then answered some questions on what they had read. The groups then presented their three key points that they had discovered.

    We then had a really lively discussion about child labour with some very passionately put arguments.

    We finished the lesson with the associated ?Teaching-Resources? presentation which explained to the students that in parts of the world child labour still occurs where children?s families are poor and they have to work but they are unprotected.

    What a great lesson! I really felt the kids got something out of it and I hope the next one is just as engaging for the students. I?ll let you know!
  3. After my brilliant ?world of work? lesson with my year 9 group, I was really eager to get onto the second lesson which I felt was even more applicable to them as it focused on what jobs young people can do.

    After a brief recap on what we covered last lesson, I introduced the lesson objectives.

    Then, working in groups and using the ?student task sheets? resource, the students created a radio news bulletin which announced various different aspects of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933. We used microphones and some audio recording software on the school laptops to record the pieces put if you have the equipment this could even be done on video.

    We then played the recordings back and it has to be said we all had a great laugh listening to them. Two of the groups even decided to perform theirs to the class!

    The students then wrote their two points from act on a large piece of paper which we then used to remind ourselves of the legislation near the end of the lesson.

    We then used the presentation that came with the lesson pack from www.teaching-resources-uk.com to test the students understanding of what we had covered in the lesson and they did really well so it obviously had sunk in.

    I really can?t wait to get onto the next lesson.

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