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Words the children make up!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by erinjunior, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. A parent came to me after school today and told me their child had gone home sooo excited about our new topic 'criminal settees'. It did make me laugh but at the same time wonder what she thought we were doing in literacy ALL WEEK when we were describing 'Incredible settings.
  2. "Insect days"
    "Macorder club"
  3. "giraffes" for graphs
    and "long and short owls" for vowels
    and my own personal favourite besause my son thought this one up "square words" for swear words. Well they do have 4 letters.
  4. flamangoes
    giraffe excluder!

  5. One child told me their favourite wake and shake was the cocking eye joe!

    Another child told me about how his dad used to check his females on the computer... I didn't ask if he meant e-mails in case there was an answer I didn't want to hear!

    Another child on the KS1 reading SATS answered "How did Steve catch the crocodile" with "He jumped into the water and raped it round the neck!"


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