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Words of wisdom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by florenceharrison, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Morning all!

    I am about to change careers from publishing to teaching, and I have found these forums incredibly helpful and informative.

    This post is really a bit of fun, aimed at those of you who have been in teaching for a while - I'd love to hear three things that you know now that you didn't when you started out, that would be useful words of wisdom to anyone about to make the leap into teaching.

    I look forward to reading your stories and anecdotes!
  2. Chezz

    Chezz New commenter

    Welcome to the teaching profession! I too made a career change many moons ago and it was the best move I made. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

    3 things I know now -

    1. You may be the adult/teacher, but there is so much that you can learn from the children.
    2. A child's sense of achievement simply radiates from them - I'll never forget the little girl in Reception (at the very beginning of my teaching career) who could not understand the 'one more than' concept. I worked with her going over and over, trying out different strategies to help her understand. The penny finally dropped - the look on her face, the way her eyes lit up and especially her smile will stay with me forever!
    3. Children have little concept of time - I was once asked if I had ever met Henry VIII :(

    Words of wisdom given to me in my NQT year by my mentor - You might have a million and one things on your 'To do' list - but only 5 will be important for today - focus on those 5 and hang the rest! (At least until the next day!)

    Good Luck and enjoy!

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