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word mats and glossaries

Discussion in 'Science' started by jackie_pq, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hi, is there any way you could email me the KS1 word mats and glossaries also?
    Thank you.
  2. Got the 2B word mat now so my sky drive has the whole set for you to download.
  3. Please could you also send me a copy of the word mats and voca lists? I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.[​IMG]
  4. I would love a copy of these too if you don't mind. They would be really fantastic. Thank you.
  5. Hi Louise,
    I have just changed year groups and tried to find the mats on sheff site. I would be really pleased if you could e-mail the yr 5 ones to me or the whole lot if it's not too much trouble. Thanks very much
  6. Thanks for making this available to everyone:)
  7. Hi
    Please could you send me a copy of all of the word mats and games too?
    That would be fantastic.Thanks in advance.
  8. Can anyone please send me the word mats and possibly the word chase cards for all year groups?? So gutted I didn't download them.
    Many thanks
  9. Hi
    Please could anyone please send me a copy of the word mats and word chase cards for all year groups. So gutted I didn't download them.
  10. Hi Louise.
    I would really appreciate it if you could please email me the Staffordshire word mats - particularly if you still have the KS1 mats.
    Thank you!
  11. Hi, Just started as Science co ordinator and really need to develop vocab.Could you please email me the word mats for KS1 and 2? Really appreciate it! misty_079@hotmail.com
    Thank you
  12. Hi there please can I ask you to send me copies of the word mats, would gratefully be recieved. thanks in advance
    Regards Sian
  13. Hi Louise

    Sorry to ask, but could you please email me the Sheffeld wordmats? I've just realised they're not on the web anymore, and am a science coordinator.


    Jack SLoan
    Ferry Lane Primary School

  14. Please can you email me a copy too???
    LOL only joking - just wanted to say thank you so much for making these available - I have just been made science coordinator and am panicing a bit as I dont know much about science other than what i teach in my year : )
    I have now spent a few hours (theres loads!) saving all your info and this will make me seem much more efficient now.
    Thanks once again - I dont know why people cant read posts properly : ) xx
  15. Hi Louise,
    Any chance of a copy of your resources! I have also just taken over as Science Coordinator and these sound fab!
    Very much appreciated
  16. Az10

    Az10 New commenter

    Did you manage to get hold of a copy?

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