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Worcester Secondary English - anyone applied/heard?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by eannie, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I've just registered with Worcester for an English PGCE (my previous choices were full). I was just wondering whether anyone else out there already had their place for September and if so, what were the interviews like?
    If I don't get in here, the only place left is Keele and the travelling would be horrendous, so I may have to defer until next year if there is no space left.

  2. i have an interview on 21st fro English sec there
  3. Hi guys, i've applied to Worcester uni too for English secondary and waiting to hear from them..another girl i spoke to on this forum said she had been invited for an interview but it wasnt till July...i think that's too late for me.....and might just change my first choice as for whtever reason i don't get accepted by July other courses may have filled up by then..good luck for your interview on 21st..hope you get it! :) x
  4. oh, eannie i think it was you that i spoke to initially about worcester uni wasnt it? and them not having the next batch of interviews till July
  5. Yes - I think July is when the next batch of interviews are, although I haven't had a response to my application, other than a card in the post.
    I'm withdrawing this year, but will re-apply in September to start in 2012. Although the course fees will have gone up, at least I won't have nursery costs to find!
    Good luck with your application!!!


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