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Worcester PGCE primary interview 2011 tips?!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by JHM2011, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have an interview next Thursday (5th) and was wondering if there was anyone else going to what looks like the second round of interviews?? I was also hoping for any advice from those who already got a accepted into the course in September! Just a bit worried regarding the interview as I'm from Northern Ireland and not completely sure what is expected in England!! Any advice would be great!


  2. Hi John,

    just seen you comment and thank goodness there is someone else from N.ireland.. I have actually been excepted onto the course and first things first, don't panic.. The interview day is grand and I had myself worked up over nothing really.. I know you have to do a lot for it but if you are prepared it should go ok..

    I mentioned that I had not gained any experience in the National Curriculum but they would like me to gain some before starting the course.. The interview is fine as well it was 2 people one a principal and a tutor but they are lovely.

    If there is anything else you would like to know just ask and I should be able to help, by the way what part of Northern Ireland are you from??

  3. Aye, I'm sure it will be grand, its hard not too panic though. I'm just wondering about the 3000 ESS study, I mean I did my degree on history so it will be on that, but what exactly are they looking for? is meant to show your experience and the subjects you covered? also how many people did you do your presentation in front of? I'm from Newtownards, what about you?
  4. also, about that national curriculum thing, does that mean you'll have to do something during the summer? or before the end of the summer term?
  5. I can't remember what I wrote for my proposal now, but Im doing music and I think I talked briefly about what I had studied in my degree and so therefore what I would be able to talk about in a 3000 word essay!

    I think it depends on who is doing your group interview as you get split into small groups for that, in our group we just sat down around the table for the group discussion and then went straight into the presentation and did it in front of the group so it was the 3 others in our group plus 2 interviewers.

    Good Luck for your interview!!
  6. Thanks very much for your help! thats what I was planning to do, are you on the course now? do you like it? John
  7. I have a place in September..

    I had my interview in November but didn't hear back until late February but hopefully now they know how many places they have then you will hear faster than that!!!

    I've had some paper work through asking for me to do two weeks in a state primary school, one week in KS1 and one week in KS2, im presuming this is the same for everyone as my friend has also been told to do this. After you get your confirmation of a place they are pretty fast at sending you all the relevant documents and things.

    Hope your interview goes well!! :)
  8. Good luck tomorrow John!

    Ali, I was just wondering whether they asked much about current educational issues? I'm worried I won't know enough even though I'm trying to keep up online!
  9. Not really Caroline, I just touched on a few things that was happening in NI at the time but I dont think there was a specific question on it to honest.

    Yeah good luck to all who have interviews just relax and it will be fine!!!!

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