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Wooooo! Woooooo! Any unexplained or paranormal experiences?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4046, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Well, this isn't exactly an 'inexplicable' phenomenon, but a few years ago I was at home alone, footering about.
    Suddenly, I heard a rumbling, and the window frames strted to rattle (old building, single glazing) I ran to the window, and the noise got louder - I thought maybe a plane was flying really low, or about to crash.
    My dog started howling, and outside, car alarms were going off. Suddenly, shooting across the sky, a large, crackling ball appeared. I had not a clue what it was, but I was scared. I thought the world was about to end - I phoned my partner because I was convinced an apocalypse was imminent (well, that's how the dinosaurs died - I thought I'd seen a meteor or something)

    Turns out it was ball lighning, a very rare phenomenon.
  2. I was staying in the home of a boyfriend's parents for the first time
    Woke up in the night to see an elderly woman sat on the end of the bed
    Put the light on and no one was there

    Next morning ... This used to be grandma's room ... Here is a photo of grandma ... That spit of the old lady in the night

    I still don't really believe in ghosts
  3. After my father in law died I often "felt" his presence. This happened regularly until I told my husband about it - has never happened since.
  4. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    My dog can predict the lottery numbers every week - unfortunately I can't speak dog yet.
  5. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    Erm, a couple. When I was very small and living in Lancashire I had an imaginary friend called Ossy, he lived in a house across the road and I remember that he had a cloth cap and clogs, neither of which were particularly common wear in the 80s. That doesn't really prove anything - he may just have been an imaginary friend but I do remember him really clearly.
    A pub that I worked at had Something in the cellar that used to push things around and throw things at you when it was annoyed. It wasn't always there but when it was the customers had to do without ice if we ran out, because we were too scared to go downstairs.
    My biggest spook is Yoghurt Lite, though, aka The Fated Baby. I'm not going into the circumstances of his conception - that would be icky and unpleasant for everyone to read - but needless to say it was somewhat against the odds and there are just a few too many spooky 'coincidences' about the whole thing for me to brush off and disregard.
    It's sort of nice being able to think that he was meant to be, though [​IMG]
  6. Because they are only able to predict rain and thunder for the area in which they go for their walk.
  7. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Not for me, I have an exceptionally strong stomach. [​IMG]
    Now, I am intrigued!
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Take a look online for the book 'Invizikids' by Michael J Hallowell, or reviews thereof. He's studied the phenomenon across different cultures and has come to the surprising conclusion that imaginary friends fall into a small number of distinct categories, and there are many accounts of children interacting with invisible friends in a way that suggests the 'friend' may have an existence that goes beyond their host's imagination.
  9. I already posted this one on the bereavement thread (I think in response to you, msb).
    When I was 19, I had a dream. My father appeared to me in the dream as a lion (I am Leo) and was saying Goodbye. The dream was so vivid that I even mentioned it a breakfast time. We had a wee chuckle about it, as I hadn't seen my Dad since I was 6.
    Then in my horoscope for that day it said "You will be in contact with your father or if that is not possible, you will be thinking of him".
    Then the phone call came that he had died that night.All times I was pregnant I dreamt that I was pregnant and what gender the baby would be (all times right but I lost two).
    For some reason lots of white feathers tend to rain on me (this is apparently a message from an angel, according to the internet).
    After Mum had died, I had a dream in which she said to me "I have sent you the job you always wished for." 4 months later, I had it. Totally out of the blue.
    All will be coincidence.
    Or maybe not.
    You never really know.
    Enough to make this rational sceptic, total cynic, think twice anyway.
  10. Driving across Dartmoor one night, our car approached the brow of a hill. As we got to the top, the car sputtered to a halt and all the electrics failed. All, that is, except the radio which starting scanning through the channels. The air seemed to grow thicker and the dark seemed more intense.
    After what was probably just a few seconds, the electrics were restored, the radio went back to the channel we had been listening to and we could start the car which motored happily along for the rest of the journey.
    On returning to our campsite, it appeared we were not the only ones to have this experience. We never did find an explanation; it was all very odd.

  11. I remember a story that my grandfather told me when I was a kid. He was walking home at dusk along a lane in the countryside in Derbyshire. As he looked over the stone wall into the nearby field, he saw his best friend (a farm worker) walking along the far side of the field. His friend waved to him and carried on walking over a rise in the field where he disappeared from sight. When my grandfather got home, his wife told him that his best friend had died that same morning. He had drowned in a pond which was just over the rise in the field.
  12. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Oooh, did you see the hairy hands?
  13. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Oooh, did you see the hairy hands?
  14. Ohhhhhhhhh, a couple of posts have reminded me of another one.
    We were all chatting one Christmas and I regailed with a conversation my Great Grandfather had had with me about cricket. I was convinced I knew my Great Grandfather (I was about 10 at the time) and could remember playing with him and all our conversations.
    Then I was told he died 6 months before I was born, but had been looking forward to me being his first great grandchild.
    I was convinced I had known him until I went to school and I even mentioned the cricket results and which matches he had told me about (he played for our district cricket team).
  15. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Mmm. So poltergeist = autistic ghost?
    Can't see any logical reason why that can't be the case.
  16. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Possibly. There are other aspects of poltergeists that match with autism - chucking things about is one. Also, there are plenty of cases where people who experience the unexplained loss of items around their haunted house often see them return after speaking firmly and clearly with the ghostly culprit. Autistic children (as most of us know) are very literal, and often need very firm, direct guidelines.

    I'm no expert on any of it, but it seems like a fascinating perspective.
  17. Bringing this thread back to the top as have really enjoyed reading people's spooky tales.
    Got lots of my own; here are just a couple:
    At primary school, a small group of us snuck back in at break time because it was cold and we preferred to be indoors. We hid in the cloakroom, which had unused shower stalls at the back, and then rows of wooden benches with coat hooks above them. We were happily whispering away to each other when we heard a strange, shuffly sort of noise. Turning round, we saw a large Head brand sports bag sliding across one of the benches. It slid off the bench, but rather than tumbling to the floor as it would have if it had fallen normally; it hovered for a few seconds, level with the bench but not touching it, lowered to the floor and then slammed itself back into the wall underneath the bench at great speed! We screamed like banshees and ran out, blowing our cover. We got in a lot of trouble for not being outside like the other children, and none of the teachers believed our story, assuming that we were trying to deflect attention from our sneaky behaviour. For the rest of my time at that school, I was careful never to be in the cloakroom alone.
    In my mother's house, we have had at least 6 sightings of a woman in black. Two of them were by exes of mine (neither of whom had been told the story of this woman before) Both men went to the loo and when they washed their hands, saw her standing behind them in the mirror. One refused to go back up there, the other thought it was 'sort of cool.' All the others have been at night. Myself, my mother, my sister and several friends staying the night have woken to find a woman's face inches from their own. Makes you jump, I can tell you!

    There are heaps more, but I'll save them for another time...
  18. Ooooo.... spooky!
    Have you ever read 'The Woman in Black'? The most terrifying book I have ever read. And the play....
    Lets just say that when I got home after seeing it I promptly moved the rocking chair that had been in my room into another room!
  19. I was with my Uncle when he died, as were his best friends (a husband and wife) and my brother. Uncle was a complete train nerd, especially steam trains, although he didn't meet the normal stereotypical trainspotter image (thank goodness!).
    Uncle had been ill for quite a long time with leukemia and was in the local hospice. He said to us, on the day he died, that his dream would be to go to heaven on a steam train. We all nodded politely and made the right sorts of comments.
    Anyway, when it came to the point where he took his last breath we all four heard a steam train whistle and the sound of a steam train chugging along. The train line isn't exactly close to the hospice but it really did sound as though the train was quite close. We were a bit spooked because it was such a coincidence that the train's whistle blew at exactly the point that Uncle died. After a while though we chose to believe that he HAD gone to heaven on a steam train and got his wish. Quite a nice thought.

  20. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    No, life is too short. I for one, loved your stories and want to hear more.
    MORE! MORE! MORE! I chant loudly.

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