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woohoo gt the job....but still no induction

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by breakrota, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hi every one
    i just recently got a new job as a teaching assistant.However i still have not had an induction nor signed a contract.Also if not been told about pay.I will be working 22hrs a week any one know what the pay will be like?
  2. Hi,
    Firstly thank you very much for the two responces i have. Yes i have started working with them since wednesday 5th january.Only on friday i recived a form to fill in with my bank details,however i have not been told about pay.Another thing i am worried about is i have a pre planned pre booked holiday that i have booked one week before the april school holidays.They did not ask me at the interview if i have a prebooked holiday..so i am hoping to tell them on monday ..would that be a problem..im just a little scared???
  3. Tell them ASAP, I don't know if it will be a problem but you need to get it sorted.
    As for the pay, just ask, you should have had a letter telling you your salary! Don't be afraid, I'm sure they have just forgotton :)
  4. I'm the same - started working there on Tuesday but not heard about a contract or pay. I've not given anyone my bank details, so not sure how I'll be paid! I did, however, fill in a CRB form before Christmas - I only interviewed & got the job the day before they broke up & I think Christmas has stopped anything being sorted out properly in the mean time. I know I'll be getting CP & H&S training in the next few weeks though.
  5. Warning about the CRB, they seem to be taking ages at the moment. I have been waiting 10 WEEKS for mine! Thankfully my school has let me start but I have to be supervised everywhere! You should ask about the bank details, you need to paid obviously! :)
  6. Our CRBs are done on line now, the last one took 10 days to come through!
  7. oki...I'v sorted out my holiday as it was preplanned wont b a problem just have to take it unpayed.My crb is ok i'v filled one in already but have one from the agency i was doing supply through ,so will use that in the mean while.

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