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Wolf Review

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheflecturer, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Well, isn't it just a bit like Xmas morning? The Wolf Review is published in just a few hours (10ish this morning) and will either rock our world or fizzle past.
    What do you want to hear?
    For me number one would be the recognition that we deserve in terms of being seen to be qualified to teach in schools. Not that I particularly want or plan to, but it would be a huge step on the road to full parity and should it happen, colleges will need a streategy to keep their best staff or lose them to the voc ed that will spring up in schools and acadamies.
    Next would be the complete overhaul of NVQs and a return to properly taught qualifications with a degree of academic rigour and not this half-baked assessment in the workplace guff that gives us automatons who are competent, but don't know why they do the things they do.
    Yup, I'll be happy with that.
  2. Blimey - it only happened.
    (pinches self)
    All down to the IfL too, fancy that
  3. i nearly dropped to the floor when I read that 1 of the 4 recommendations which Gove had 'accepted immediately' was that QTLS staff should be allowed to teach in schools also. due to the longstanding opposition towards it, I would've thought he'd say he'd think about it and then have it mysteriously disappear off the radar (well I guess it could still happen!).
    Guess we'll just have to wait and see if it actually materialises and how...[​IMG]
  4. I think the answer has to be suck it and see. I work in a school. Until this week I was paid as an unqualified teacher. I had a letter Friday telling me I would now be paid as a qualified teacher. I have been moved to M6. I have an FE teaching certificate (but I do not have QTLS because I qualified before 2007 and moved out of FE before it became necessary to obtain this). I am sure the confusion will be widespread.
  5. Now that is very interesting because although the IfL say they have achieved QTS/QTLS parity that is not what Michael Gove actually said. He never mentioned either QTLS or QTS in his statement.
    If what he actually meant is that there should be parity of qualification between schools and FE in a more broader sense then it makes QTLS unnecessary and therefore in itself worthless.
    And, if this is the case, it potentially makes the IfL look very silly and even more irrelevant.
  6. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    This is exactly the issue and hits the nail on the head.
    Readers: Clear your minds of any ideas about QTS and QTLS. They aren't comparable.
    They really are nothing to do with each other at all.
    QTS is awarded as a qualification.
    QTLS is an attack on teacher training colleges in suggesting that people with PGCE FE and CE FE aren't fully trained.
    F E colleges have further diluted the F E qualification by trying to 'train' their own lecturers instead of leaving it to the professionals. Hence we have DLTTS and CLTTS or whatever they're called. These have then seemed to bolster the idea you have to have this stupid QTLS.
    Just do a PGCE FE and get the correct qualification. People who don't are, in my opinion, destroying any quality in F E provision.
    The PGCE FE is also valid for people who aren't post graduates. It's then a CE FE and is identical to the PGCE FE.
    Just go to teacher training college and do it right and return some quality ot F E. If, because of personal circumstances, you find you can't do this then, I'm sorry but you'll just have to accept you shouldn't be trying to work in F E when there are thousands of properly qualified people with little or no work.
    If F E colleges only allowed people with the PGCE FE or CE FE qualification to teach in their establishments and told the IfL to go f off we might get back to some quality of provision.
    These recent changes show up the QTLS nonsense for what it is.
    I have my PGCE FE (Manchester 1995) I wouldn't dream of saying I've also got QTLS.
    I qualified when I walked out of teacher training college having passed my PGCE FE. Nothing on earth will change that and I won't buy into the IfL stupidity.
    These damn people have done more to discredit our sector than anything else has ever done.
    I can only assume they are mentally ill.
    Ask yourself this question:
    What would have been lost from F E if the IfL had never come into existence?
    People would have said that the people with DTLLs and CTLLs or whatever they're called needed to get properly qualified.
    People would have recognised that these DTLLs and CTLLs or whatever they're called should never have even started. They are a mistake and devalue proper lecturer training.
    So we have one mistake bolstered by an even bigger mistake: the IfL.
    Damn it to hell and let's see the back of it for good.
    Let's get back to proper qualifications and show students that you can't dodge around some commitment to an education.

  7. Jude
    For someone with no experience of teaching in FE, you are highly opinionated about it.
    Please don't use the word 'we' in your posts, you are not one of 'us'.
  8. That's terrible language to use.
    For those new to the forum and likely to be influenced by your views, care to remind everyone why it is you can't get a job teaching in FE?
  9. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    I'm certainly one of 'us'.
    I had eleven years teaching in F E untiL I chose to stop and do something that didn't involve dealing with F E madness and incompetent staff.
    I could start again tomorrow by running a philosophy course for community education or applying for a job at the local college.
    Not that I woluld.

  10. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    See how my spelling is all shot to bits.
    It's much nicer having loads of free time and regular money.
    I also have two IfL membership numbers though I've never given them a penny!
  11. Sidestepping around the whole IfL issue - does this mean, basically, that I should be paid the same as my QTS colleagues in the school where I work? especially since I am expected to teach across three key stages?
    sorry if this seems like a really dumb question, but when i return to work next week I want to be armed with information......
  12. Oh I smell pork pies.....
    Are you not the same Jude Fawley who had a rant about not being able to get a job in the sector following a certain legal indescretion then?
  13. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Go read my old posts.
    I'm not rising to your bait.
    Especially as you've cooked it yourself.
  14. "The PGCE FE is also valid for people who aren't post graduates. It's then a CE FE and is identical to the PGCE FE".

    Just a quick point - they're not identical as they are assessed at different levels using different assessment criteria. The PGCE is more rigorous.
    No big deal. Just thought I'd point it out.
  15. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    This is true, I hold a PGCE (Post-Comp) and the last two modules are at level 5 (Masters Level) and it is these two modules that distinguish it from the CE. In my year those who studied up to CE level did a separate end assessment to those of us who completed the PGCE. We did Action Research and PP2, I think they did a presentation and and evaluative essay - don't quote me though as I did not do the CE. I know I was able to transfer my PGCE credits when I began my MA.
  16. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    It would be interesting to ask the IfL that question. As an organisation run by its members for its members, promoting your profession and status, they must surely be fighting for pay parity..

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