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Wolf Report

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dangermouse_2007, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Just a quick one:

    How are your schools looking at the curriculum for next year with regards ICT and the strong possibility that DiDA and OCR Nationals arent going to count towards League tables etc?

    The wolf report is very vaugue but i was just wondering what plans everyone is putting into place?
    We currently do DiDA and our Head has "told" me that we need to be looking (basically doing) the new GCSE in ICT

  2. Same as we always did: we offer GCSE ICT, GCSE Computing, OCR iMedia and OCR Nationals - lots of options so students can choose what is most appropriate for them and we've not got all our eggs in one basket. If the Nationals (and iMedia?) results don't count then we may have to review things but as it is this will affect maybe 12% of a cohort, rather than every pupil from Y8 up as is the case in some schools...
  3. Our school seems to only really be interested in the EBac. ICT isn't in the EBac. Therefore we can follow pretty much any course we want. As it is we currently do BTEC and have no intention yet of changing.
  4. robot1

    robot1 New commenter

    We do the OCR Nationals (single GCSE worth) with all KS4. If it doesn't count in the points score for the school I would not want to continue with it. It can't be good for a department to offer a mainstream course that contributes nothing to the schools points. We all know that points make prizes. In the climate of cutbacks, courses (and departments) that do not count will be up for the chop sooner or later.
    We will have have to do GCSE ICT. Trouble is we only have one lesson per week.
  5. If you feel the OCR course has value then there's every reason to continue allowing pupils to persue it, even on a whole year group basis!
    That said, putting the option groups through GCSE ICT or GCSE Computing instead is a viable idea, short course OCR Nationals for 1 period a week, GCSE Computing for the opters.
  6. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    I would probably continue with it for the time being. All students do the 2 gcse version, but this has no real effect on our overall 5 A* to c. I think only one student used ICT to get their 5. The rest who got 5, got at least 7 including ICT.
  7. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Surely it doesn't matter that much? Any GCSE equivalent ought to add to the average points per pupil. It's surely only an issue if the school is depending on ICT to get them up to at least 5 A*-C?
    As Khashoggi said,
    Is that not the norm?

  8. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    In some schools, the OCR National/dida/BTEC has a big effect. Students get 4 GCSE's worth in these and then one other, so can effectively get 5 A*-C by passing 2 subjects.
  9. Was told today that we will have MORE timetable hours next year for ICT in KS3 and KS4, and keep what we have at KS5. To the extent that we will have to get staff in (probably from other depts - those who have spare periods). Our governors and SLT have decided that whatever Wolf and Gove think, ICT is more, not less, important. And then an hour later I was given a letter from Ofsted for my tutor group to take home saying we are yet again outstanding. Good day and it's Friday.
  10. Put a quid on the lotto tomorrow then!!
  11. The original post was rather leading saying that vocational courses won't count next year/or whenever. That uncertainty is the core issue. The report only makes recommendations and general noises;the government is leaving all of us floundering around in the dark waiting for more concrete news.
    In particular, I wish they'd come out with a clear line, and then everyone can get on and plan with more certainty for the medium and longer terms.
    I think any school heavily 'bought into' vocational courses such as the OCR Nat have the most to worry about in these changing times. But the GCSE alternatives (other than Computing) aren't so tasty either! Arghh!
    But how can anyone (exam boards and schools) make decisions on how to guide ICT curricula when the government won't come forward with concrete details? I think these are very frustrating times for ICT.

  12. Yup. All in the same boat, and the boat is currently floating in shark infested waters with a narrow escape leading to more work for pupils.
  13. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    As anyone seen MyMouse? He's gone very quiet on the subject of OCR since Wolf was released.
  14. ICT Don

    ICT Don New commenter

    Where does it say that. Can you give me the page references please?
  15. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    Page 116 has the only mention of the OCR Nationals directly.
  16. Yes come on MyMouse, I look forward to reading your rants and I need a laugh at the moment.
  17. OCR Nationals - a good write up in Wolf???

  18. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Any updates?
  19. ICT Don

    ICT Don New commenter

    I am still waiting for a response. Sadly I feel those who made the statements earlier in the post are busy marking 200+ OCR Nationals projects and are unable to respond.

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