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Discussion in 'Business studies' started by RKM, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. RKM


    Hi I need some advice please.

    I have been looking at some GCSE options and I like the WJEC one. The exam paper seems very accessible and I think if taught well my classes could cope with it. There were rumors that the WJEC board would not count on the league tables. I have spoken to them an they have said its not true.

    I just want know what people think?
  2. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Why wouldn't an exam board count on the league tables??
  3. welshwoman

    welshwoman New commenter

    I think you may be thinking of possible future events. From 2015 if things continue as planned by Gove then England and Wales will have different exams at the of KS 4. There is also talk in Wales of the WJEC being linked in some way to the Welsh Assembly Government and offering the GCSE's as they currently are as the Welsh govt has opted not to change (also still have modular units and will continue to use coursework!). When this happens it is very likely they will not be able to count in England (proposed changes there include linear exams and abandoning coursework in most subjects). As with most things in education at the moment though not clear if this will actually happen

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