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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by rockgrrl, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi Folks, I am thinking of changing exam boards from edexcel to wjec as I think it is more accessible. Any advice or opinions would be really great.[​IMG]

  2. I'm hovering as well but from AQA. My NQT swears by WJEC (possibly as her tutor was the chief examiner I think!). When I looked at it, I got the feeling it would be better for lower ability students. Being just about to start teaching AQA to the full cohort of year 9 (that makes no sense I apologise!), I'm a bit hmmmmmmmm about changing. However, after last year's AWFUL AQA results, I think I might have to move if they're similar this year.
    I don't think I've given you any help there sorry! [​IMG]
  3. Thanks, thats actually quite good because I heard a lot about aqa as well. I taught the old christianity and then the xian ethics paper back in my nqt but found it really hard to relate to specs and exam papers.
    let me know what you decide [​IMG]
  4. I do short course Spec C Religion and human relationships in an hour a week in year 9 and 10. In year 11 about 60-70 students then do the otehr paper to make full course. I actually do this in an hour a week over one year, so have to be careful with what content I include. But they are brighter.
    My middle and lower students cope fine with an hour a week over two years, and I have 6 weeks to do revision too.
  5. JodiP

    JodiP Occasional commenter

    I start in Year 9 on one hour a week and most pupils end up doing the full course. Our results are above national average for both s/c and f/c and A*-C and A*/A - you just have to give them the information needed and do the interesting stuff in lessons. There is also a CGP WJEC revision book you can get for £2 each. The tect books written by the examiners are poor - rushed and not much in there, I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on buying a set of each for the class,get one for your reference. There is another company that does WJEC book, can look tomorrow, which is much better.
  6. The exam board books are awful- believing and living etc. Folens is good- they do Islam and Christianity. The Heinemann one isn't bad and covers all religions.

  7. We do the SC in an hour a week over yr 10 / 11 and have done the FC in 3 hours a fortnight which was a little bit of a rush. We now have the (perceived luxury) of 4 hours a fortnight to cover the FC.
    With regards to textbooks, the Hodder exam board one is good as a teacher copy and the handbook that accompanies it contains a SOW which is useful if you are starting out for first time with it. it is written by one of the chief examiners so is useful for exam tips. The Heinemann one covers all religions and again contains useful exam tips. We have class sets of the Heinemann one as they contain useful activities that can be set as cover work.
    However, we still make most of our own stuff - tailored to the interest of our students.

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