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WJEC written controlled assessment

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jenijeni, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Now, maybe I misunderstood - but I'm certain that when I went to the exam board meetings last autumn, and people were querying about having to send work in a manilla folder and who was going to pay for it, that we were told 'don't worry - you can request the work to be returned and then you can recycle the folder'.
    I thought that it must be free to get the scripts back to use for training purposes.
    Oh no.
    It's £9 per script.
    That's a lot of manilla folders....
  2. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    You raise a very good point. They always used to expect us to provide our own cassettes for the oral exams, but they always used to send them back afterwards so that we could re-use them. I'm going to some A level training with them in November, so I may well raise this as an issue.
  3. I assumed they would be coming back! I know they have to keep them until October for some kind of check and could request more shoudl the need arise.
    Surely they belong to the school though....
    Seems another way of making money (Edexcel and AQA threads talkign about exam boards and money)
    As you say the cost of the folders all adds up too.
    We always got cassesttes back and also moderated written coursework.
  4. Why send folders? Treasury tags are the way to go. It cuts down on postage and makes it much quicker for moderators to handle the work. Even if you use a folder for storage, it is easy enough to take the work out and attach with a tag. IT teachers use nothing else and they have much thicker folders of work.
  5. We were told specifically by the exam board last October that written work had to be in manilla folders, labelled individually for each student - this was what gave rise to the questions about the cost implication.
    Otherwise, believe me, I would have been using my massive stock of treasury tags (only the 3000 or so to get through now!) - and it would have been a LOT easier to check that all the paperwork was there.
    The deadline for requesting the work back is tomorrow - it's not automatic to be sent them back, apparently!!
    I'm going to phone again today to see if I can get any more clarity.


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