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WJEC Sociology. How do you do it??

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by peapod43, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I am taking on the responsibility for the WJEC GCSE Sociology from September and am looking for information on how other schools structure the course. <u>Any advice and info</u> would be greatly appreciated as although Sociology is my specialism I don't really have any experience in implementing a course, I'm terrified!! Some of the things I would like to know are

    • How many hours a week do your pupils get?
    • Do you have mocks? At which points?
    • Which text books do you use?
    • How many hours/weeks do you spend on each topic??
    Also, anything else that you think I should know!!

    Thank you x[​IMG]
  2. We do it over two years, five lessons a fortnight. The route that we use is:
    Year 10, people and society, research methods, family and one or two other topics from different areas just to keep the skills in action.
    Year 11, inequality, crime and revision of research methods, plus a couple of other lessons picked from elsewhere on the spec to provide interest and practice in the stimulus materials
    Either AQA or OCR books will be useful, but mostly the mixed groups we have are not very textbook friendly. Pauline Wilson's gcse Revision
    There is a lot of material on the NGfL Cymru website and more interactive stuff coming soon. Have a look at some of the materials on the WJEC site itself as you may find useful stuff
    Last year, we entered some Year 10 for the Unit 1 exam, success was mixed. we had a couple of A* but also some weaker ones as well. It gave them a taste of the standard. We're trying again this year with year 10 to see what happens but I don't hold my breath.
    You'll need to spend a bit of time on answer paper skills - this came out of Inset.
    In addition, there are purpose written units on Chris Livesey's website that will suit GCSE and for non-specialist teachers too. Not all of the course is covered yet, but more are promised.
    contact Jo Lewis or Greg Lewis (no relation) at WJEC and you should get a response.

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