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WJEC Short Course Idenity and Beloning Unit

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by kairos, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Would like to teach this Unit as a stand alone unit for our Core 6 Week RE course at Key Stage 4. Has anyone got a work book that they have devised on this. Looking for something that has been well put together. Would be willing to exchange for PPTs already devised for Our World, Is it Fair and Relationships.

  2. Sorry, meant "Identity and Belonging"
  3. I will send you some stuff. It may take me a couple of days to organise it. X
  4. I teach the WJEC course but I'm creating resources as i go along (I'm an NQT). I'll send you what i've got - but won't be until half term. (next week)

    Anyone with any resources - can you e-mail them to me too! My year 10's are quite challenging and i'm struggling to keep them entertained!
  5. happy to share what I have for what you have got. Must be loads of us re-inventing the wheel on this on, trying to make the course interesting with students who are challenging
  6. If anyone wants stuff I am happy to burn a few CD's during 1/2 term. But I need a postal address. It will be WJEC Religion and Life SC and Religion & Human experience SC. Just mail me a postal address

  7. Ps Redteapot & kairos, I have mailed you some stuff S
  8. Have sent some PPTs.

    Still interested to hear from anyone who has a nicely put together workbook for this particular module. The other four modules we teach differently, but we are looking to offer this module as a stand alone for our Core 6 week rotation pupils and would like to take a workbook approach to it.

  9. Night Owl - we do the same as you! Can we arrange a swap of stuff?

    My email is i.hartley@yahoo.co.uk

    kairos - I'll have a hunt around and see what we have. We teach that unit last to our year 11s, and are currently rewriting the SOW for Jan - will see what we have though!

  10. gemzied

    gemzied New commenter

    I am looking to teach this spec b- option A and B
    Does anyone have any resources? I am willing to swap anything anyone needs I currently teach OCR religous studies B
    Many thanks
  11. Hi,

    can I jump on the band-wagon for resources? We have just started with WJEC full compulsory (phasing out OCR full option and Edexcel s/c compulsory) and have a scheme and resources for Is It Fair? which I am happy to share. What about adding to TES resources and/or REstuff?

    My email is unab@hotmail.co.uk


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