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WJEC revision for D/C borderline students

Discussion in 'English' started by angel21, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. angel21

    angel21 New commenter

    We are a very low achieving school, and this year entered students for their exam in November. We have lots of D grades that I would love to get to C grades for the Summer. They have all been invited for revision sessions next week. Has anyone got any really engaging tasks that I could do, whilst I wait for the exam papers to come through?

  2. Haven't got anything really engaging. I simply hammer home the Point Evidence Comment model and get they to practise, annotate, highlight etc etc.. Sorry, I'm really boring when it comes to exam prep.
  3. angel21

    angel21 New commenter

    No, this is a brillian start - thanks.
  4. Hi,

    In our school last year we tried pupils just doing evidence and exploration and the results were really good. For the reading style questions they get a point for a relevant quote and a point for explaining it so we got all pupils to aim for about 8 quotes per question. It worked really well as the pupils could work out roughly how many points they were picking up.

    For the narrative writing we got pupils to spend time drafting a story that clearly built in suspense and then got them to practise adapting it to fit different story starters in timed conditions. By the time they got to the exam they all felt that they were able to write a story in 40 minutes and understood how to structure it to be build in suspense.

    Hope this helps!

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